How ADM Animal Nutrition is Helping put the Best in Eggland’s Best Eggs

How ADM Animal Nutrition is Helping put the Best in Eggland’s Best Eggs

Lori Wicklund, a scientist at ADM, regularly uses a device called an oxidation stability reactor that can determine the antioxidant content in fresh foods. Recently, she conducted an OXITEST trial for Eggland’s Best, an ADM customer since the 1990s, at our James Randall Research Center in Decatur, IL, and the results were clear: Eggland’s Best eggs have more antioxidants than ordinary eggs.




To compare Eggland’s Best eggs with generic eggs she tested fresh ones as well as eggs that had been refrigerated for approximately 120 days. She found that both sets of Eggland’s Best egg yolks took 67% longer to reach the oxidation induction point, meaning Eggland’s Best eggs have more antioxidants than ordinary eggs. Antioxidants are a naturally-occurring food preservative that helps prevent the off-tastes and shorter shelf-lives associated with food oxidation.

On these results, Lori said: “The OXITEST conducted clearly shows that Eggland’s Best Eggs have more antioxidants than ordinary eggs, which explains their increased nutritional values and why they stay fresher for longer.”

So what’s their secret? Eggland’s Best uses a proprietary hen feed that includes premix ingredients produced and sourced by ADM Animal Nutrition. We create a custom blend of antioxidant supplements that includes vitamins, minerals and specialty ingredients. This nutritionally-enhanced feed is fed to hens that produce eggs adhering to Egglands Best’s industry-leading quality standards and stay fresher for longer than ordinary eggs, thanks to their increased antioxidants. Additionally, more antioxidants provide a higher vitamin content that’s available for longer and help maintain a fresh-tasting egg.

“Eggland’s Best relies on ADM as a partner of choice, supplying the needed nutrition to stand out in the marketplace,” said Ryan Lane, president, ADM Animal Nutrition, North America. “By providing better feed for Eggland’s Best hens – and all of our animal nutrition clients – we deliver more nutritious food for our customers and consumers.”

What’s healthier for hens is healthier for consumers too, with the vitamin content and antioxidants in Eggland’s Best hen feed translating into eggs that have higher nutritional values than ordinary eggs. Specifically, Eggland’s Best eggs have six times more Vitamin D and 10 times more Vitamin E than ordinary eggs[1]. They also contain 25% less saturated fat, 38% more Lutein as well as more than double the Omega-3 and Vitamin B12 when compared with ordinary eggs1. Plus, Eggland’s Best eggs are a great source of Vitamins B2 and B51.

To find out more about Eggland’s Best eggs, check out their website here. For more about the oxidation stability reactor used to conduct the OXITEST, see the manufacturer’s website here.


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