On the Front Lines: ADM's Jeff Belcher

On the Front Lines: ADM's Jeff Belcher

Helping. It's the core practice that has guided ADM maintenance colleague Jeff Belcher on and off the clock for more than two decades. By day, he fixes equipment and performs preventative maintenance at ADM's West Extraction Plant in Decatur, IL. And by night, he saves lives as a paramedic with Decatur Ambulance Service. But more recently, with the urgent need brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Belcher has taken a temporary leave from his day job, serving on the front lines full time.

"Even though there are serious risks that put us in danger, we just do it," Belcher says. "Health care workers like myself go above and beyond to provide help to people who need it."

Recently, ADM made it possible for colleagues with health care certifications like Belcher to take temporary paid leave, to help in the fight against COVID-19. For Belcher, it means a lot.

"It is a nice thing that a company like ADM thinks of their employees that have special skills to allow them the time off to help others when a situation arises."

For Belcher, the calling to serve others runs deep. In the past, he's served as an EMT and volunteer firefighter. Providing service as a paramedic has been a true passion, even though it hasn't always been easy.

"You have to have a heart and knack for this type of business," Belcher says, "because some cases you come across hit you hard."

Plant Manager Josh Melby says it's no surprise Belcher stepped up to the front lines to provide assistance where needed most.

"We're thankful for all Jeff does at ADM, and we're beyond grateful for his skills and his determination in battling the virus with other front-line workers."