ADM Announces New Power Plant For Columbus, Nebraska

ADM Announces New Power Plant For Columbus, Nebraska


Coal-fired co-generation plant will help power operations

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) today announced that it would build a coal-fired co-generation (Co-Gen) plant in Columbus, Nebraska to help power its corn milling and ethanol operations in Columbus. The Co-Gen plant will be permitted to burn a blend of fuels, including high and low sulfur coals, tire derived fuel and biomass to produce process steam and electric energy.

The addition of this Co-Gen plant will help lower ADM’s overall energy costs and lessen its vulnerability to energy market price fluctuations. Cogeneration reduces the amount of fuel burned per unit of energy output, and reduces the corresponding emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. ADM currently operates similar Co-Gen facilities in Decatur, Illinois; Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has another under construction in Clinton, Iowa.

Construction is dependent upon applicable governmental approvals.

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