ADM to Convert Spyck, Germany Rapeseed Plant To Multi-Seed Crushing Plant

ADM to Convert Spyck, Germany Rapeseed Plant To Multi-Seed Crushing Plant


Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) will convert its Spyck, Germany rapeseed crushing facility to a multi-seed crushing facility. The multi-seed crushing plant will be able to crush both rapeseed and sunseed to enhance the product portfolio offering to food oil customers.

By adding multi-seed crushing capacity, ADM will be able to expand its product offering while delivering flexible and efficient solutions to its food oil customers.

“This investment is an example of leveraging our core strengths in agricultural processing in order to create value and capitalize on changing consumer demand for food oils,” said Mark Zenuk, ADM Vice President and Managing Director-Europe and Asia. The expansion is scheduled to be complete in April 2007.

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