ADM Receives Business Sustainability Award for Work to Expand Regenerative Agriculture

ADM Receives Business Sustainability Award for Work to Expand Regenerative Agriculture


ADM (NYSE:ADM) has won the Environmental Initiatives category of the 2022 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for expanding its regenerative agriculture programs supporting farmers across North America. Granted by a judging panel of renowned environmental and energy industry experts, the award recognizes exceptional programs or initiatives that push the frontier on environmental leadership and progress.

ADM’s project, “Providing Economic and Sustainable Solutions Through Regenerative Agriculture,” expands on ADM’s long-term commitment to support growers in their transition to regenerative agriculture. In 2022, ADM launched a number of projects and partnerships, including with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), US Department of Agriculture, PepsiCo, and the Farmers Business Network, that equip North American farmers with financial, technical and educational resources to support regenerative farming. This work builds on years of progress ADM has made in supporting farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture.

“ADM is uniquely positioned to partner with growers and customers alike to create value for participants across the value chains in which we operate while helping secure a more sustainable future,” said Alison Taylor, chief sustainability officer at ADM. “We’re proud to continue to expand our partnership with growers, providing valuable support to enhance farm-level sustainability and helping their businesses grow and succeed while simultaneously advancing Scope 3 emissions goals for both ADM and our customers.”

ADM’s regenerative agriculture programs not only support farm economics, but also reduce supply chain impacts and protect local biodiversity. To date, ADM’s regenerative agriculture initiative has expanded to four continents, with further reach anticipated in future targets. The initiative has engaged with growers to implement regenerative growing practices on more than 600,000 acres. In the upcoming year, ADM plans to continue expansion in North America to cover one million acres through the enrollment of over 1,000 growers in regenerative programs. This project will also drive carbon reduction and sequestration of 300,000 MT of CO2e, as aligned with ADM’s commitment to curbing emissions.

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