ADM Carbon Capture and Storage Project Earns Top Honors from Environment + Energy Leader

ADM Carbon Capture and Storage Project Earns Top Honors from Environment + Energy Leader


Environment + Energy Leader magazine has recognized the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project, a partnership between ADM (NYSE: ADM) and the Illinois Geological Survey at the University of Illinois, as a Top Project of the Year for 2022. The award recognizes exemplary work being done today in the fields of energy and environmental management.

The Illinois Basin – Decatur Project is the world’s first successful completion of a pure storage carbon capture and storage (CCS) project. Led by the University of Illinois and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the project confirmed the ability of Mt. Simon Sandstone to safely store one million metric tons of CO2 over a period of three years, the equivalent of annual emissions from about 200,000 passenger cars, according to the U.S. EPA calculator.

“ADM’s project is fantastic,” said one of the judges. “The world truly needs pure storage CCS projects in order to overcome climate change, and it is therefore incredible to learn that this has been the first successful completion of such a project.”

“We have now demonstrated CO2 can be safely injected a mile and a half under the earth, setting a new milestone for the world’s understanding and ability to implement industrial CCS systems,” said Chris Cuddy, President, Carbohydrate Solutions for ADM. “This project is paving the way to scale the impact of CCS technology as ADM continues to decarbonize its footprint, while also applying this cutting-edge technology to reduce CO2 emissions and deliver more sustainable solutions for our customers.”

To date, ADM’s overall carbon capture and sequestration capabilities, including the Illinois-Basin Decatur Project and a second well, the Illinois Industrial Sources Carbon Capture and Storage Project, have allowed it to safely and permanently store more than 3.5 million metric tons of CO2. ADM is continuing to explore expanded capacity for the existing CCS wells in Decatur and recently announced a project with Wolf Carbon Solutions, who will develop, own and operate a proposed 280-mile pipeline to transport CO2 from ADM’s ethanol and cogeneration facilities in Clinton and Cedar Rapids, Iowa to be stored permanently underground in the Illinois Basin. Additionally, ADM announced in 2021 an agreement with 8 Rivers to explore the potential to construct a zero-emissions power plant adjacent to ADM’s Decatur corn complex that will also utilize the CCS site.

Learn more about the ways ADM is advancing its decarbonization strategy here.

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