Ramping Up Local Innovations to Advance High-quality Developments in the Nutrition and Health Industry

Ramping Up Local Innovations to Advance High-quality Developments in the Nutrition and Health Industry


ADM Science & Technology China Center Officially Starts Operations

ADM, a premier global provider of human and animal nutrition, announced today the opening of its first Science and Technology (S&T) Center in China. Located in the Future Food Science Center of Jiangnan University in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the center will leverage ADM's unparalleled research and development (R&D), technology, and product innovation capabilities to spur high-quality development in the nutrition and health industry and meet growing and evolving market needs in China and Asia Pacific (APAC).

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"This opening marks an important milestone in our continued investment to bring new nutrition and health innovation to meet growing demand in China and APAC," Dr. Todd Werpy, senior vice president and chief science officer of ADM, said. "The center will form an organic linkage with ADM's global capabilities, and through bilateral exchanges, it will further drive innovation and development with greater speed and precision."

Chen Jian, Director of the Future Food Science Center of Jiangnan University, said, "The Future Food Science Center of Jiangnan University and ADM share a common goal of leading elementary research and applied innovation in food science. Having the resource advantage of talent and experts gathered in the center and professional pilot equipment in the Future Food Science Center, ADM will achieve breakthroughs in product process technology and innovation capabilities to realize the docking of scientific research and industrialization."

ADM's S&T China Center will carry out research focused on three key strategic growth platforms - fermentation, microbiome, and foodomics - to develop innovative technologies in the food field, including a focus on research projects directly related to sustainable development, such as plant-based food technology. Adhering to the purpose of establishing an open innovation center, the center will serve local needs through localized technological innovation and technology optimization, leveraging local R&D resources and local raw materials to better meet rapidly developing Chinese market demand, while feeding the global market.

"ADM is excited about the future of the Chinese market and is looking forward to continuing to contribute to long-term growth in the country as we partner with industry, academia and technical institutions, and invest in new ways to meet the strong market demand in the food and beverage industries," Leo Liu, president of ADM China, said.

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