ADM Kicks Off Trend Series Showcasing How Tech is Transforming Consumer and Industry Behavior

ADM Kicks Off Trend Series Showcasing How Tech is Transforming Consumer and Industry Behavior


CHICAGO—ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in human and animal nutrition, today announced a "Byte-sized Revolution" report that previews four trend areas where technology is driving change and identifies the market growth drivers that are most likely to be transformed by new technology. The trends will inform a new quarterly trend series that will provide insights into how rapidly evolving and cutting-edge technology is changing consumer and industry behavior.

"We are in the midst of a technological revolution, and while science and technology have long been integral to the global food system, recent advancements in AI, biotechnology and large-scale automation are hastening the pace and reshaping consumer experiences," said Liz Mohr, director, market and consumer insights at ADM. 

ADM's new trend report series gives an in-depth look at four key areas impacted by technology: 

•    Unapologetic Flavor and Color Experiences: This coming year will see consumers seeking out flavors and colors that reflect their unique personalities and desires – unapologetically gravitating towards delicious flavors and shades that appeal to their aesthetics. Tech is enhancing consumers' experiences and sharing, while AI is aiding brands in tracking and predicting consumer trends – and even assisting in creating flavors.

•    Replacement Isn’t the Future. Variety Is. (Coming Q1 2024): Whether it's plant-based, animal-based, cell-cultured, fermented, or even a hybrid, new technologies and emerging solutions are catering to consumer demands for variety and discovery while also promising a more sustainable future.

•    What's for Dinner? Data. (Coming Q2 2024): Growing interest in hyper-personalization, for both consumers and their pets, is being facilitated by smarter and more accurate technologies that involve listening to all aspects of the body – physical, mental and emotional.

•    The Next Big Tech Boom? It’s on the Farm. (Coming Q3 2024): Today's new generation of farmers is adopting innovative, technology-driven solutions that help restore and rebuild the environment, improve employee and animal welfare, and increase efficiency and profitability. New farming and seed technologies can improve traceability and directly benefit the consumer across various aspects of sustainability – personal, environmental, and social.

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