ADM Unveils New Customer Creation and Innovation Center in the UK to Further Develop Food Innovation Capabilities

ADM Unveils New Customer Creation and Innovation Center in the UK to Further Develop Food Innovation Capabilities


ROLLE — ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in human and animal nutrition, announced today the opening of a new Customer Creation and Innovation Center (CCIC) in Manchester, England, serving as a UK hub for food innovation and building upon ADM's strong presence in the UK. With a state-of-the-art kitchen, chef's presentation theater and flavor development lab, ADM is expanding its culinary capabilities and food solutions into new savory culinary innovations for the UK, in addition to providing continued support for the beverage, sweet goods and dairy sectors.

Bringing together the new local facility and technology with ADM's full global pantry of ingredients and solutions enables ADM chefs, food scientists and flavorists to provide unique expertise into the growing alternative protein arena, developing pioneering savory plant-based product offerings that meet consumers’ high sensory expectations and evolving wellness demands.

The 800 square-meter CCIC cultivates collaboration with customers – from food manufacturers to foodservice – fostering innovative development in on-trend savory applications, as well as sweet goods, dairy and alternative dairy products, beverages and more.

"The opening of our new Customer Creation and Innovation Center provides a unique synergistic space to further our commitment to push the boundaries of food and beverage formulation, while also delivering on authentic culinary experiences," said Chris Poole, Managing Director, ADM. "And with the UK market on track for steady growth in 2023 and beyond, ADM is perfectly positioned to service all our customers' needs."

The new CCIC demonstrates ADM's continued dedication to nutrition innovation that can support the needs of a growing population and future generations, as the company also announced this year the opening of a probiotic facility in Valencia, Spain and a partnership with Marel to build a taste and texture innovation center for the alternative protein space in the Netherlands. Each of these investments expands the connection and integration of ADM's global capabilities, supporting manufacturers in bringing future-forward offerings that meet consumers' demands of tomorrow, today.

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