ADM Finalist at Fi Europe Innovation Awards in the Performance Nutrition Category

ADM Finalist at Fi Europe Innovation Awards in the Performance Nutrition Category


ROLLE, November 30, 2017—Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) was named as a finalist for the ‘performance nutrition innovation’ category at this year’s Fi Europe Innovation Awards with its clean label soya protein, HIsolate 75/80. The award is based on an ingredient’s proven effectiveness in supporting a sustained active lifestyle.

The HIsolate range features high-quality, plant-based proteins produced via proprietary expeller press technology, a method that requires minimal processing and retains the nutrients that are naturally present in soya beans. The expert judging panel recognized the potential that HIsolate holds to open up new, innovative opportunities in the sports and active nutrition markets, while simultaneously enabling developers to meet rising demand for closer-to-nature, plant-based products that are ethically sourced, organic and sustainable.

“Performance nutrition is becoming a multi-faceted concept, that means much more than simply building muscle maintenance and strength. As active consumers continue to take a more holistic approach to their health, HIsolate impressed the panel as an ingredient that not only delivers sustained high nutritional quality protein, but also aligns with wider lifestyle and social trends such as clean label, sustainability and the move toward plant-based foods,” comments Ian Healey, editorial director, Dr. Harnisch Publications, member of the judging panel.

Clean Label, Clean Taste

HIsolate is a distinctive line of ingredients that contains up to 73% protein, making it ideal for increasing the protein content of foods such as bars, vegetarian meat analogue products, cereals and snacks. Available in powder concentrate or flour format, its neutral flavor profile enables formulators to create highly nutritious quality goods without compromising on the eating experience.

Daniel Eder, Product Manager Specialty Ingredients & Culinary, EMEAI explains, “With muscle maintenance and active life-style supporting benefits, soya protein is featuring in an increasing number of new food and beverage launches targeted at the active consumer. Meanwhile, the health and wellbeing trend has evolved in parallel with the clean label movement, which sees consumers becoming ever more conscious of what they eat. HIsolate has been designed to support developers in capitalizing on heightened interest in both high-protein and plant-based products, as well as in more wholesome, organic and natural ingredients. The Fi Europe Innovation awards are extremely prestigious and we’re delighted that ADM was recognized in the performance nutrition category this year.”

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