At ANUGA ADM presents variable sweetening solutions and an extensive protein portfolio

At ANUGA ADM presents variable sweetening solutions and an extensive protein portfolio


• Variable sweetening solutions for individual requirements - Broad protein portfolio for market-ready vegan concepts

HEIDELBERG-EPPELHEIM, October 5, 2019 – Two global trends are continuing to gain momentum: Firstly, the demand for products containing very little or no added sugar continues to grow and secondly, the number of consumers who want plant-based components in their food is on the rise. At the ANUGA trade fair in Cologne, visitors can get acquainted with the latest market-ready product concepts from Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM). These innovative concepts amaze with their taste, texture and calorie content.

100 percent fruit: new solutions for less-sweet juices

They are considered as one of the most natural drinks and enjoy wide popularity: “Nonetheless, for many consumers the relatively high natural sugar content in juices contradicts a health-conscious diet,” explains Jochen Kistner, Product Management EMEAI, ADM Nutrition/WFSI. For this reason, ADM’s experts have created new blends containing juices with fewer carbohydrates, such as coconut water. The resulting products contain less sugar, taste lighter and less sweet overall while still being full-bodied and fruity. This fulfills the wishes of many consumers, who enjoy the benefits of juice, but would like to consume less sugar. “This includes families who prefer a more conscious diet for their children, as well as modern target groups that have gotten accustomed to less-sweet products and people with increasing age who tend to prefer less-sweet products,” says Kistner. Beverage manufacturers can therefore expand their juice portfolio with an interesting, modern product range while simultaneously offering their customers new flavor variations.

Near water: fruity-fresh with fewer calories

The current consumer habits, with regard to a more conscious nutrition, also present an opportunity for products consisting of only water and fruit juice with no added sugar or sweeteners. Their fruit content and the associated calorie amount can be adjusted according to the desired positioning and market requirements. This allows a limitless array of flavor variations. “Just 19” is a new range created by ADM that carries the low calorie content in its name.

Sugar reduction in 4D: indulgence without compromise

In the past, removing a certain amount of sugar from a beverage recipe led to compromise on mouthfeel and taste profile. This is no longer necessary. Our experts have combined components from the ADM sweetener portfolio to produce a flavorful, harmonic and well-rounded result despite the reduced sugar content. The ADM Body-Add-Back System is suitable for all beverage concepts whose calorie content is reduced by up to 30 percent.

Reducing sugar content even further used to lead to a less pronounced taste profile and meant that sweetness was only briefly noticeable. Another problem – especially with low-calorie variants – was the “off-taste” frequently associated with high-intensity sweeteners. With the SweetUp® 4D System, ADM product developers have balanced out the change in mouthfeel with Fibersol®, a maltodextrin. An application-specific combination of sweeteners – potentially with sugar – provides the desired sweetness. Finally, ADM’s flavor expertise ensures a harmonious overall concept with improved taste for beverages whose sugar content is reduced by 50 percent or more.

Vegan alternatives are gaining ground

Vegan is trendy. Purely plant-based food has been in demand beyond its core market of dedicated vegans for a long time. “Flexitarians,” who consciously reduce their intake of animal products, are also increasingly reaching for vegan alternatives. The expectations of both retailers and consumers are growing with no end in sight. An example of this is the development of the dessert and ice cream market in Germany: every fifth global vegan product is introduced here and 69 percent of those who buy ice cream are interested in vegan alternatives. “Worldwide we see high development potential in this category, for both protein-based texture and flavor creations,” says Bastian Hörmann Product Management EMEAI, ADM Nutrition/WFSI. With its broad portfolio of plant-based proteins as well as decades of flavor and application expertise, the company develops surprising new ideas that are inspired by dessert creations. With coatings, sauces and toppings, the ADM experts turn desserts into a special taste experience. Innovative ingredients such as Fibersol-2® additionally allow for a reduction in sugar content. This is possible thanks to the fiber’s outstanding characteristics – it is heat- and acid-stable as well as neutral in color and taste. At ANUGA, ADM will present its “Cakery Ice” concepts: These transfer popular cakes into vegan ice cream variations, thereby opening new market opportunities for manufacturers.

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