Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts Completes Dawson Expansion, Opens New Regional Office in Albany, Ga.

Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts Completes Dawson Expansion, Opens New Regional Office in Albany, Ga.


• Already one of the largest domestic peanut processors, Golden’s new capacity will help meet growing customer demandALPHARETTA, Georgia, Sept. 15, 2016—Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), announced today that it has completed its major expansion of peanut processing capacity in Dawson, Georgia, and is now shipping increased volumes of products to customers across the U.S.

“We’re excited to have completed this major expansion of our peanut processing capabilities,” said Greg Mills, president, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts. “When we first announced this project last year, we told our customers that we were doing it to help them meet increasing demand for cleaner labels and for non-GMO, non-trans-fat ingredients. Today, we’re proud to be delivering on that promise.”

In order to increase the facility’s capacity, the company made substantial improvements and additions that spanned the plant’s processes, including farmerstock handling, preparation, extraction and meal production, as well as certification and rail enhancements.

Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts also announced the opening of a new office in Albany, Georgia, which will improve the company’s regional operations by bringing together key Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts leaders from around the Southeast.

“This new regional office will bring together key leaders, putting them under the same roof for better and faster communications and decision-making, which will benefit our customers and our company alike,” Mills said. “Few other companies can offer the capacity, scope, expertise and customer service of Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, and we’re continuing to grow and improve to make sure that we remain the go-to company for peanut and tree nut customers across the United States and around the globe.”

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