Supplier Resources

Supplier Resources

ADM's has implemented a new process for indirect procurement, enabled by Coupa, that allows you to receive orders and track invoices electronically.

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Electronic Ordering

This will reduce your need to call and follow up on the status of invoice payments and should expedite the payment process. Going forward, our goal is to move all eligible ADM suppliers to this process, including Coupa, at no cost to suppliers. Suppliers in the EMEA region should click here to for supplier onboarding and training details.


What is Coupa?

Coupa is a cloud-based procurement system that makes it easy to do business and engage with ADM. It also brings many benefits to ADM suppliers:

  • Real-time tracking of purchase orders and invoices
  • Reduced time to payment
  • Enables catalogs that drive purchase order volumes
  • Free of charge
  • Available on any device
  • Information management capabilities


The most recent deployment of Coupa delivers two core capabilities:

  • Coupa Supplier Information Management (SIM)—Allows you access to review and update your own supplier information including payment instructions, contact information and tax details
  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)—Makes it easy for ADM colleagues to buy and comply with our procurement policies and for suppliers to submit their invoices electronically and get paid on time.



Coupa SIM

Coupa SIM New Supplier and Supplier update requests can only be initiated by ADM users, but suppliers can always update their own information via their Coupa Supplier Portal account.

Updates can be requested for a variety of reasons that may include:

Direct deposit (ACH) banking details (new or updated)

When entering new or updated banking details, complete the Funds Transfer Authorization Form and include either a copy of a void check or banking details on your bank or company letterhead

Update name or tax ID information

Attach a current W9

New supplier request for complete onboarding

Attach a current W9 and all required ACH documentation

SIM requests have a Comment field on the form. Use this field to identify the specific updates being requested.

To become a new supplier for ADM, complete the New Supplier request form.

To update your existing information, complete the Supplier Update request.


P2P Enablement Methods

Coupa has the following P2P features:

  • Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN) Email allows suppliers to receive POs electronically via email, supporting automatic creation of an invoice. No technical setup is required. To update your email address for PO transmission, contact Note that invoicing against a contract is currently unsupported so a PO is necessary for this method
  • The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) allows suppliers to manage their POs and invoices in one online workspace. POs and invoices are electronically transmitted and an invoice can be generated directly against a contract or a PO. CSP provides visibility across all POs and invoices, using one account for multiple customers. To establish a Coupa supplier portal, register here.



SAN Email


Free for any supplier



Minimal technical setup



Receive POs electronically



Generate invoice from a PO



Generate an invoice from a contract



Manage all POs and invoices



View payment status



Manage multiple customers and get
notifications in one centralized portal




Invoicing Guidelines

Invoices must be submitted individually, rather than multiple invoices on one submission.

Invoice numbers are limited to 15 characters, letters and numbers only.


Supplier Resources

Read more about the Coupa Success Portal for Suppliers, Coupa's training and resource portal for suppliers that offers a wealth of learning and reference content.


ADM would like to provide you with as much training and support as possible for your successful Coupa transition. Contact the Supplier Enablement Team for any questions on enablement methods or buying channels at