ADM's Premix Portfolio

Premix Portfolio

ADM provides the North American market with custom blending services and a strong portfolio of specialty ingredients, giving livestock producers and feed and pet food manufacturers the flexibility and efficiencies needed to succeed.

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Custom Nutritional Solutions

Livestock Nutrition

As an industry leader in research, development and manufacturing of innovative functional products, turn to our nutritional and technical experts for solution-based ingredients and quality products and services that leverage our global manufacturing and logistics capabilities.

ADM provides tailor-made solutions for all your livestock premix needs, including:

  • Vitamin premixes
  • Vitamin-trace mineral premixes
  • Mineral premixes
  • Antibiotics
  • Dry ingredient blends

Pet Nutrition

ADM excels at sourcing and processing plant-based ingredients into solutions to meet all your specific pet food needs. With more than 400 ingredient options, you can rely on ADM’s manufacturing and nutrition expertise to produce a variety of custom blends.

ADM provides tailor-made solutions to all your pet premix and pre-blend needs, including:

  • Vitamin premixes
  • Trace mineral premixes
  • Dry ingredient blends

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