Aquaculture Products & Feed

Aquaculture Products & Feed

ADM provides holistic solutions to aquaculture producers around the world.

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Nutritional and Farming Solutions for the Aquaculture Industry



Meeting increasing worldwide demand, producing effectively and profitably, supporting the health and nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp, reducing environmental impact—the growing aquaculture industry must solve a variety of challenges. Through our different brands, ADM provides holistic nutritional and farming solutions to aquaculture farmers, hatcheries and feed millers around the world, with quality feed ingredients and technical resources to help you meet these challenges.


If you're looking to maximize profitability, sustainability and the quality of finished products, tap into ADM’s unique understanding of aquaculture nutritional solutions.

Leading Your Aquaculture Success


ADM is focused on the best ways to help your aquaculture business become a success.

These include:


  • Applying precision nutrition to meet specific requirements of different species at different stages, from larvae up to harvest, in order to optimize their growth, physiology and health
  • Having a specific focus on sustainable solutions and practices that will result in better aquaculture production
  • Offering customized premixes, functional products, technical expertise and flexible services to optimize performance and efficiency



Hatchery & Broodstock Solutions

Premix Solutions and Services

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