Dairy Nutrition

Dairy Nutrition

ADM helps dairy producers maximize milk margins through individualized and innovative nutritional programs.

A row of black and white cattle at a feed station
 A close up of feed pellets
A close up of a row of black and white cattle

A Leader in Dairy Nutrition

ADM provides high-quality, science-based, nutritional solutions to dairy producers. Our ADM team works side by side with you to develop individualized nutritional solutions and feeding programs that focus on efficiency and profitability for your dairy operation.


ADM provides the most comprehensive portfolio with extensive ingredient options and an expansive network to deliver a solutions-based approach tailored to drive peak nutritional performance.

We leverage our extensive global resources to understand your goals while interfacing our resources and expertise with a nutrition program designed to drive your success today and into the future.


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New technology for reliable results​

Dairy Solutions provides on-farm consultation and new feeding solutions for farm profitability.​
Explore new feed technologies with reliable results, address profit leaks with on-farm consultation, and depend on precision ration balancing to meet your operation’s unique needs.​

Our Dairy Solutions

ADM offers a wide pantry of products and solutions for all phases of dairy production. Our products and on-farm solutions are tailored to maximize your herd's productivity, health and efficiency while minimizing your cost.

 A close up of a black and white cow’s head

NurseTrate calf milk replacers provide calves with the critical foundation for growth and health, setting the stage for life-long productivity.

A close up of a black and white cow laying in a field
LegenDairy™ Calf & Heifer

For a legacy of herd profitability. LegenDairy supports optimal rumen development and efficient growth for peak performance.

A close up of a black and white cow
Sweet Unique™

Sweet Unique Calf Starters and Growers are complete, grain-based, “sweet,” pelleted feeds that offer an extremely palatable alternative to traditional sweet, texturized feed.


A newborn calf lying in hay by it’s mother’s feet

Precision nutrition for a profitable lactation. From your far-off dry cows to your close-up cows, you can navigate your herd’s destiny for a healthy and profitable lactation through the use of precision nutrition in the Destiny Dry and Transition Cow Program.

A close up of a cow’s udders attached to a milking machine

Delivering the very best nutrition in a robotic milk system feed to allure animals to the system and balance the partial TMR. The Allure Program is formulated to promote optimal pellet acceptance while ensuring pellet durability; both critical factors in transitioning cows into a robotic milking system for optimal performance.

 Black and white cattle in a barn

RationFLEX Lactation Solutions Program provides farm-specific feed formulation, utilizing state-of-the-art ration balancing software, expert on-farm consultation, and innovative technologies to support the efficiency and profitability of your dairy operation.

 close up of horn flies on a black cow
Fly Control - Dipteracide®

Control the damaging impact of biting horn flies and mitigate production losses. Fighting biting horn flies lowers gain and milk production, cutting profitability. The perfect choice for effective horn fly control is Dipteracide (ADM methoprene), which helps break the life cycle of horn flies and ease production losses.

 A thermometer under the summer sun
Heat Season - Thermal Care™

Research proven technological solution to support performance and profitability during the adverse effects associated with the hot weather season.

Leafy forage being held in a person’s hand looking over a field
Forage Preservatives

The foundation of your herd's nutritional program is your forage base. Optimizing forage quality results in less out-of-pocket feed costs and helps maximize animal productivity. ADM provides a wide array of silage preservative products to help meet key production objectives.

Cattle grazing in a pasture near a stone wall

Fortress Dairy Mineral Program provides a comprehensive line of minerals developed with high bioavailable inorganic mineral sources, formulated to meet the unique needs of the high producing dairy cow.

A dairy cow in a field
Gro Fast®

The Gro Fast Program approach to feeding dairy beef hinges on efficiency by maximizing the dairy steer’s ability to gain quickly and efficiently.

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A close up of a black and white dairy cow’s head

NurseTrate® Calf Milk Replacers

NurseTrate milk replacers provide calves with the critical foundation for growth and health. Ensuring a successful beginning provides the opportunity for life-long productivity. NurseTrate products are designed specifically to achieve calf producers’ early growth, health and efficient performance goals. NurseTrate Premier is an all-milk protein formula that provides top-quality nutrition to traditional calf feeding programs and is expected to yield performance comparable to whole milk. The formula includes a unique, proprietary technology to help support optimal feed digestion, calf health and growth efficiency.

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Are Your Calves Ready for Spring?

dairy calf in feed pen
Spring Calf Nutrition Tips: Optimizing Performance During Seasonal Change
In this article we provide feeding strategies to prepare for fluctuating and rising temperatures in spring, including using NurseTrate milk replacer program for nutrition support.
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