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Goats and sheep are raised in many parts of the world, providing wool, milk, meat and more.

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ADM's expertise in small ruminants for milk and meat production is second to none. Our products and services will help you achieve your technical and economic performance goals.

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Goat herds are growing in many countries around the world due to the increased demand for goat's-milk cheese and milk.

Consumer expectations are diversifying and goat's milk responds to certain hypoallergenic requirements.

Goats have unique nutritional needs. For example, they cannot be fed the same way as dairy cows. ADM has developed specific nutritional recommendations that make it possible to control the balance of rations intended for rearing young goats, as well as for goats in production. Respecting these balances will not only optimize production performance but also ensure excellent metabolic health of the animals.




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Sheep are among the most efficient of all domestic animals, adapting easily to the most extreme environmental conditions. Very agile and able to graze easily in the most rugged terrain, sheep provide various sources of income, including meat, dairy and wool production. The main risk to these ruminants is climate unpredictability as it impacts the amount and quality of forage available to them. When properly nourished, they can provide a quick return on investment and do not require elaborate facilities or equipment to manage.

Whether your goal is milk production, lean muscle deposition for meat production or fiber quality for sheep wool, you can elevate your sheep's performance with a nutritional diet. Unlike other ruminants, sheep have a sensitivity to copper. Therefore, ADM's sheep products are free of added copper while delivering optimal nutrients to ensure optimal productivity. As a result, our sheep products enable lambs to attain fast, efficient gains and for sheep on pasture or range to extract the maximum value from forages, making forage-based diets economical.




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