Meat Alternatives for Protein

Meat Alternatives

Many consumers are looking to consume more plant-based foods as they diversify their diets but will not compromise on taste or texture.

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Taking a Flexitarian Approach

Leveraging both the plant-based revolution and an increased interest in organic, sustainable and clean-label foods, ADM strives to deliver on the promise of great taste and texture, combined with sustainability, with alternative meat solutions that meet consumers' contemporary lifestyle choices.

With over 75 years of plant protein design experience, including the ground-breaking invention of our high-protein, low-fat, vegan meat substitute TVP®, we are ideally positioned to help you in your search for alternative meat solutions.

Our historical expertise in this fast-growing segment has resulted in a broad portfolio of plant-based protein ingredients across pea, soy and wheat. We offer our technically-advanced extrusion capabilities to meet specific texture and functional needs.

Finally, our experts are well-versed in meat alternative flavors, protein design, processing, flavoring, coloring, functionality and texture. 

Plant-Based Main Courses

In our plant-based main courses, ADM Arcon™ and TVP® proteins are the stars. Our food scientists and chefs create outstanding recipes with extruded proteins that mimic meat-like texture and mouthfeel, based on soy or pea/chickpea textured proteins.

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