Soy Protein

Soy Protein

ADM brings world-class product performance, formulation excellence and sustainably sourced options because we're investing in what’s next to enable you to succeed in today’s dynamic market.

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The Speed to Market You Need to Win.

As the appetite for soy-based food products continues to grow, our high quality protein, produced with world class technical and extrusion expertise, creates a cleaner tasting, targeted texture product that functionally performs.

ADM partners with farmers who follow regenerative agriculture practices and offer non-GMO and indigenous ways of land management that help you meet your sustainability goals.

In all major regions across the globe, we are establishing innovation centers of excellence where together we can help you build, scale and problem-solve the next generation of protein innovation.

Our Renowned Global Protein Solutions

ADM is investing in what’s next to bring world-class product performance, first-in-the-industry innovation, and positive environmental impacts.

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Broad Portfolio

Our large portfolio of soy protein ingredients meets any formulation challenge. We offer non-GMO, organic, and high-protein options. Count on us to meet your protein formulation needs.

Technical Expertise

ADM is both a protein and a flavor house. This combined expertise enables us to offer a turnkey, integrated knowledge solution, yielding cleaner tasting and more functional products.

Sustainability Traits

Our soy products are made with the environment in mind; we work with growers to implement regen ag farming practices that reduce GHG emissions and much more.

Global Sourcing

We are where you are: our soy proteins are made from soy that is grown, sourced, and produced in multiple regions across the world for a reliable supply source.

Soy Protein Nutrition Solutions

ADM offers a broad portfolio and rich heritage of clean tasting and highly functional soy ingredients that deliver great flavor, texture and color.

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Soy Protein Isolates

ADM's high-quality soy protein isolates can deliver nutrition and/or functionality in a variety of applications, while helping with overall flavor delivery.

Soy Protein Concentrates

ADM's soy protein concentrates make meat and poultry products more pleasing, increase water retention, improve texture and emulsification, and maintain nutrition.

Textured Soy Protein

ADM's world-class textured soy proteins are versatile, economical, and help to enhance your finished product quality across a multitude of applications.

Soy Flours & Grits

ADM soy flour and grits are U.S. grown for a reliable source of supply and improve the stability and shelf-life of finished products.

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ADM’s SojaProtein

Leverage our European-sourced, non-GMO soy protein with a sustainable sourcing program option for elevated product formulations. ADM & SojaProtein®- better together.

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ADM’s Kansas Protein Foods

Kansas Protein Foods expands our extrusion know-how and capacity for on-trend protein ingredients made from U.S. soybeans, in various forms for diverse applications.

Explore What’s New in Our Regions Across the Globe

ADM has been actively investing in soy protein capacity expansion, acquisitions and partnerships and new innovation facilities to help you meet fast-growing customer demand.

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Market Focus on North America


High quality, consistent US grown protein made with worldclass technical and extrusion expertise gives a cleaner tasting, targeted texture product that functionally performs 


Partner with our technical advisers at our new Protein Center to build, scale and problem solve next-gen protein innovation 


Unlock the powerful nature behind ADM’s high quality soy portfolio through the optionality of our re:generations(TM) regen ag program, for sustainable sourcing from Decatur, IL

Investing for Growth

KPF Acquisition

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    Benefit I

    KPF has 50 years’ experience producing US value-added soy proteins in a range of textures and flavors

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    Benefit II

    The Kansas Protein Foods Acquisition significantly expands ADM's extrusion capacity and capabilities

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    Benefit III

    The wide choice of shapes, sizes flavors and colors gives greater optionality in product applications

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