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Corn Oil

Filled with Golden Opportunities

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The Perfect Balance

Corn oil from ADM offers the best of both worlds—flexibility and stability—with versatile options you can rely on to create products consumers want. Corn oil is a familiar favorite with consumers and answers their desires for recognizable ingredients and unsaturated fats in the foods they eat.

You can give consumers the flavorful, healthier positioned foods they want with corn oil ingredients, a top choice in favorite snack foods and more. With a variety of functional benefits and excellent frying qualities, you can deliver a vast array of better-for-you foods.

Targeted Functional Benefits

Our corn oil is ideal for salad dressings, snack food frying, nutritional beverages and bottling, and brings specific functional benefits:

  • Clean, mild taste that allows the ultimate flavor to shine through and helps develop exceptional fried flavor
  • Multi-purpose functionality that provides an excellent all-purpose solution to serve variety of needs
  • Offers naturally stable functionality with <1% linolenic acid

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of corn oils to meet your application requirements and fulfill health-conscious consumers’ desires. Read more about our corn oils.

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