Harvest Edge Specialty Flours

Specialty Flours

Specially milled to the highest standards with,  our HarvestEdgeTM specialty flours, you’ll find the specific functionality and tailored solutions you need to deliver unique and delicious products to your consumers.

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HarvestEdge™ Gold Lifestyle Diet Solutions

Consumers following lifestyle diets expect baked goods and snacks to be on par with their traditional counterparts with great taste, texture and nutrition. 


ADM's flour replacers and ingredients portfolio make it easy to address popular lifestyle eating trends. 


Read about our newest specialty flour, HarvestEdge Gold Keto-Friendly Flour Replacer.

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Sustainable HarvestEdge™ Gold Sorghum

Today’s consumers have a desire to feel good about what they’re consuming. They not only want wholesome and better for you ingredients, but they also want to understand how those ingredients are sourced and grown. You can satisfy both of these needs with HarvestEdgeTM Gold Sorghum, a  sustainably grown ancient grain used to enhance a wide assortment of wheat-based and gluten-free food products.


Read our latest farmer feature to learn more about HarvestEdge™ Gold Sorghum.


The Goods on Going Gluten-Free

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While flours are the cornerstone of our business, we also put our milling expertise to work on a host of specialty products. Each product starts with carefully selected grains processed to our strict standards for consistent, high-quality results.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Specialty Flours

Our specialty flours are ideal for use in bakery, baking mixes or food service applications and include a variety of wheat, barley and corn products to help meet your consumer requirements.

The Right Products

ADM offers the most comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-true flours and on-trend specialty milled ingredients, all backed by over a century of milling experience. Our bakers, millers and technical experts are at the ready to help you select the right ingredients, so you can bake everything better and achieve more, faster.

Need a special blend or unique product? Our expert staff will work with you to help solve your formulation challenges and provide technical support. Our research and development team has the experience and capabilities to provide you with the new formulations and product testing you need to succeed.

Read more about our specialty flours.




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