Supporting and nourishing beneficial bacteria within the gut to promote health benefits.

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Fiber and a prebiotic all in one

Fibersol® is a prebiotic fiber that delivers the traditional benefits of fiber while promoting healthy gut bacteria to achieve multiple wellness benefits.

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Get efficacy with PreforPro®

In-vitro data suggests that this clinically studied prebiotic created with bacteriophage technology works in hours and not days and is effective at only 15mg.

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The New Era in Prebiotic Innovation

Infographic: PreforPro® Prebiotic Technology
Discover how PreforPro®, a groundbreaking development in gut health technology, can help modulate gut microbiota, allowing probiotic bacteria to flourish.

Consumers are favoring fiber

Take advantage of the growing consumer demand for added fiber in foods and beverages.

Fibersol Delivers Bountiful Benefits

Elevate your product with a plant-based prebiotic fiber backed by science.

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Prebiotic Benefits

Unlock the prebiotic benefits consumers are seeking.

Digestive Health

Deliver fiber’s desirable benefits with the higher tolerance levels only Fibersol can provide.


Add in-demand satiety benefits to your brand with ease.

Sugar Reduction

Replace sugar’s functionality in reduced sugar products.

Proactive Health

Promote the link between nutrition, fiber, and healthy aging.

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Learn more about Fibersol

Blending the Benefits of Traditional and Progressive Digestive Health
Learn how Fibersol can help you create products that support regularity while its prebiotic benefits address the microbiome diversity and gut health needs for supporting good health.
Consumers are Getting Proactive
Whether it’s older consumers addressing aging, or younger consumers being proactive about future health, Fibersol can help you meet expectations and contribute to overall health and wellness.
The Role of Fiber in Reduced Sugar Products
As consumers demand lower-sugar foods, Fibersol can help. Learn how it can impart sweetness, improve mouthfeel, and offer structural integrity within the most popular dosage formats.
Satiety Has Never Meant More for Consumers
Learn how Fibersol can play a key role in weight management products by increasing satiety as well as managing post-meal glucose levels and insulin response.
Fiber-Forward Nutrition Backed by Decades of Extensive Research
See the clinical studies that support Fibersol as a well-tolerated dietary fiber that delivers functional benefits.
Fiber and functionality that’s easy to incorporate into nearly any application
C53 categories bakery
Bakery & Confectionary

Fibersol can help reduce sugar and net carb content while improving taste, mouthfeel, and binding. It also requires minimal formulation and is both heat- and acid-stable, making it easy to incorporate into bakery and confectionary applications.

C53 category bars

Get a nutritional advantage and satiety benefits with your bars when you incorporate Fibersol. Perfect for granola, cereal, snack, and breakfast bars, it can help you create products that boost performance, support healthy weight, and serve as a nutrition-forward meal replacement.

C53 categories beverages

Juices, shakes, waters, coffees, teas, energy, alcoholic—you name the beverage type and Fibersol can improve the formulation by supporting sugar reduction, satiety, and prebiotic benefits. Consumers want more from their drinks, and we can help you meet those expectations.

C53 category dairyalt

Fiber-enriched dairy products that don’t sacrifice on taste, aroma, and texture are possible when you use Fibersol. It can also help you reduce sugar and calories, and improve satiety while also delivering prebiotic benefits.

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Dips, Sauces, and Dressings

Sauces and salad dressings are highly scrutinized when it comes to sugar content. Fibersol can help you eliminate unnecessary calories from sugar and fat while adding functional properties. It requires minimal formulation and process adjustments and works in dry, pourable, cold, and hot formats.

C53 categories supplements
Nutritional Supplements

Create dietary supplement formulations that are lower calorie, feature reduced sugar, and support consumers’ needs for added fiber in their daily diet. Fibersol has high solubility, quick dispersion, and is tasteless and odorless while adding minimal viscosity.

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