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ADM: A leader in probiotic solutions

As more consumers turn to probiotics to help achieve key health and well-being outcomes, you need a partner who can help you develop innovative functional products that support a variety of health benefits.  

ADM’s science-backed probiotics provide you with best-in-class solutions to meet the health and well-being needs of your customers. From just one supplier, you can get gold-standard, clinically backed strains, including LABs and spores. Our revolutionary products comprise leading solutions in the industry, and include award-winning strains, such as DE111®, ES1 and BPL1™. BPL1, for example, has shown supportive results for metabolic health. Clinical studies show its ability to support a healthy BMI and weight management in combination with diet and exercise. Learn more about this powerhouse probiotic by downloading our case study.

Probiotics Deliver Clear Benefits

ADM probiotics deliver formulation benefits to you—and health benefits to your customers.

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Available in Any Dosage Format

From traditional dietary supplements utilizing capsules or tablets to functional foods and beverages, our probiotic offering allows you to choose the perfect solution for your brand’s next product.

Thrive in Intestinal Environment

Our award-winning DE111® has been clinically studied and shown to germinate within the small intestine—exactly where probiotics need to reach in order to offer true benefits to the user.

Aid in Digestion

Featuring numerous digestive health solutions, our wide portfolio can help support both gut and digestive health thanks to ingredients such as ES1 and DE111®.

Support Normal Bowel Function

With offerings in both our LAB and Spore portfolio for supporting normal bowel function, we provide unrivaled formulation flexibility for those looking to support gut and digestive health.

What can we help you achieve?

ADM probiotics can add consumer-preferred, clinically studied functionality to a wide range of market applications.

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Digestive Health


Immune Function

MuniSpore®, Lactobacillus rhamnosus CNCM 4036

Metabolic Health

BPL1™ Probiotic

Active Lifestyle

BPL1™ Probiotic

Beauty from Within

AD Blend; Smooth Skin Blend

Healthy Living

MuniSpore; Male Virility Blend

Mental Wellbeing

Mood & Stress Blend

Women’s Health


The ADM Difference

At ADM, we take great care to ensure our probiotics are the highest quality. From gold-standard clinical trials to certifications to stability assurance, when it comes to probiotics, ADM has the products you can trust.

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Library of Strains & Strain Isolation

ADM has one of the most comprehensive probiotic portfolios in the industry and also provides customers with ideal strain isolation.

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Gold-Standard Clinical Trials

Several of ADM’s human clinical trials are gold-standard; double-blind and placebo-controlled. We perform a range of studies to make sure our products deliver.

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Scale Up From Bench-Top

We validate scale-up and develop best-in-class production methods for the optimal delivery of probiotic strains. 

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Spore Strain Stability

Spore-forming bacteria are hardy, making them viable under a wide temperature range without requiring refrigeration. They also survive the acidic environment of the stomach.

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LAB Strain Stability

Our LABs are tested for stability in different dietary supplement formats to ensure your products meet or exceed industry benchmarks for label claims at the end of shelf-life.

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Bifidobacterium longum ES1 Probiotic: Gut Health for Overall Wellbeing
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