With its organic, naturally sourced sweetness, agave fulfills the requirements of modern eating approaches, to give consumers a sweetness they can really love.

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Known for being grown in arid areas where water is limited—and without pesticides or chemicals—agave aligns well with current responsible agriculture and has built-in clean label appeal. Agave is known as a sought-after ingredient with a premium association in product recipes, liquor and as a stand-alone ingredient on the shelf.

SweetRight® agave is certified organic, non-GMO and has a low glycemic index (GI) sourced with transparent supply you can trust.


Real Formulation Benefits:

ADM Agave is a naturally sourced with a sweetening potency 30% higher than sucrose. With less required to achieve the same sweetness level, agave can aid in sugar and calorie reduction

  • Easy to formulate with neutral sensory profile
  • Delivers on functionality: binding, browning; good solubility and moisture retention & humenctancy
  • Low glycemic index (GI)
  • Naturally sourced
  • Plant-based

Responsibility matters:

What makes SweetRight® agave different? In addition to agave’s inherently good qualities, our SweetRight® agave comes with multiple certifications for transparent sourcing and reliable supply.

  • Organic & Non-gmo
  • Social Responsibility
  • Management Systems
  • Food Safety
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