Efficient Honey & Molasses Solutions

Efficient Honey & Molasses Solutions

Natural sweetness that’s golden.  Specialty nutritive sweetening designed to deliver on consumer-friendly labels while aiding production efficiencies.

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No More Sticky Situations

Deliver the sweetness, clean flavor, and familiar ingredients consumers desire without the drawbacks of traditional honey and molasses.

Our specialty nutritive replacements maintain label appeal while eliminating the need for costly heating and storage, as well as, messy packaging disposal and residual waste.

Our portfolio includes SweetRight® honey extender, a 1:1 replacement to liquid honey, supporting your bottom line and production ease.

Plus, our SweetRight® dry honey and molasses solutions resist caking, offering free-flowing powders, flakes, and coatings with enhanced functionality in food systems. Need product free of allergens?  We offer free from wheat, soy, and other common allergen in our pantry.

Contact us to match the perfect solution for your product needs, including color, flavor, particle size, label requirements, and pricing targets. 

SweetRight® Honey & Molasses Portfolio

C58 Honey Extender HoneyComb

Honey Extender

Cut ingredient costs and market risk with our 1:1 honey replacement, which delivers the same sensory profile and preserves delicate honey flavors.

Improved rheology for easy handling also reduces operational costs and can save up to 10% on residual waste.



C58  honey powder

Honey Powders & Coatings

Deliver the same great taste in your application as liquid honey- with the added benefits of less mess, more accurate measurement, and reduced storage.

Full range of honey powders, nut coatings, and tack blends varying in flavor intensity, particle size, and price.

Non-GMO available



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Molasses Powders

Swap liquid for our uniform sweetness, rich, and easy-to-use dry molasses replacements, which enhance natural color ranging from light tan to dark brown.

Products range in molasses content, carrier systems, and anti-caking or release agents to meet your needs.

 Non-GMO available.

Solving for Your Biggest Challenges

ADM solutions directly address balancing consumer desires, ingredient costs and production efficiency. 

Componet about solving for challenges

Room Temperature

Save time. No need to pre-heat products; use them at room temperature.

Reduce Waste

Loss of liquid honey and molasses ingredients can be as high as 10%.

Same Great Taste

Deliver the same great flavor as traditional liquid products while keeping desired ingredients on the label.

Free-Flowing Powders

Our dry honey and molasses portfolio can easily be blended with other dry ingredients.

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Go Beyond Sweetness

ADM's value-added sweetening and sugar reduction solutions go beyond sweetness—addressing the changing needs for reducing calories, consumer-friendly labeling, and anticipating the H&W trends.

SweetRight® gives customers an edge with curated solutions to address the most complex formulation challenges while navigating the regulatory and supply-chain demands of today's world.

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