Flavor Systems

Flavor Systems

Each type of beverage has its own technological intricacies and challenges to ensure great taste.

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Flavors to Match Every Taste

Our food technologists and process engineers have the expertise to create state-of-the-art, complete flavor systems for all beverages.

What is a Flavor System?

Flavor systems bring single ingredients such as flavors, colors, extracts, specialty proteins, fiber and probiotics together with high volume raw materials such as purees and concentrates in one easy-to-use, turnkey solution. Depending on the type of beverage, the system may also include other ingredients such as a carbohydrate solution.

Quality and Safety Standards that Matter

Our engineering expertise and quality management processes create successful flavor systems for every type of beverage.

  • Standardized quality—Every batch has the same sensory impact, color, brix, acidity, functionality and features
  • Easy to dose and blend—There's only one compound to add instead of multiple single ingredients
  • Designed with safety in mind—Our long history of engineering expertise ensures the best recipe formulation and application peculiarities, such as vitamin overdosing, ready-to-drink beverage stability, microbiologically safe compounds and prevention of weighing errors

All-in-One Solutions

We provide a variety of ready-to-market concepts for the following beverage categories:

  • Beer and malt-based beverages—Classic varieties, new flavor mixes like lime-guraná-açai and alcohol-free
  • Colas and carbonated soft drinks—Innovative sweetening solutions and fermented drinks such as cider and kombucha
  • Energy drinks—New taste experiences as an alternative to classic soft drinks
  • Flavored alcoholic beverages—Classics like caipirinhas and strawberry daiquiris and trendy flavors such as bitter-aperitif, elderflower and mint and low alcohol
  • Flavored and near water—Healthy, good-tasting thirst quenchers that are low in calories
  • Functional drinks— Recognizable added health benefits
  • Nectars and juices—Wide range of colors, flavors and fruit and plant extracts
  • Ready-to-drink coffee drinks—Innovative varieties that you would find in your neighborhood coffee shop
  • Ready-to-drink tea drinks—Thirst-quenchers with a wellness factor that can be relished immediately without being brewed hot
  • Sports drinks—Classic isotonic thirst quenchers and great tasting fitness drinks enriched with vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients
  • Still drinks—Fruit drinks with multivitamins and popular blends such as orange-carrot and ACE (orange, carrot and lemon)
  • Syrups—Natural flavors and free from artificial colors or sweeteners as well as calorie-reduced with sweeteners
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