Fruit & Vegetable Preparations

Fruit & Vegetable Preparations

ADM provides the best raw materials in combination with state-of-the-art processing to create innovative products that meet consumers' expectations of on-trend nutrition from nature.

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On-Trend Preparations, Fillings and Jams

We bring our broad and deep portfolio, world-class formulation know-how, consumer insights, extensive sourcing supply chain and technical ingenuity to create exciting, on-trend products for your consumers. Our teams partner with you to create preparations and filling solutions that delight through taste, texture, appearance and aroma to deliver turnkey solutions for added speed to market.

We focus on using nature's bounty and sustainability right from our fruit and vegetable selection to processing, product development and preparation production.

Innovation and Speed to Market

We provide fast time-to-market and lifetime product maintenance.

  • Trend analysis and market research
  • Customized concept and product development
  • Brand and label design
  • Comprehensive support and services

Sustainability and Food Safety

We lead in quality, traceability and ISO.

  • All natural formulations and patented clean label technologies
  • Natural flavors, colors, botanical extracts and further ingredient solutions
  • Expertise in farming and fruit selection
  • Taste optimization technologies

Cooperation and Value Chain Integration

We offer supply chain simplification through comprehensive expertise from resources to market needs.

  • Raw material sourcing
  • Quality management
  • Fruit preparation production
  • Demand and inventory planning
  • Technical support and services

Make Sure Your Dairy is Cream of the Crop

We have the fruit and vegetable preparations for your dairy products that consumers love—all with delightful taste, color and mouthfeel.

Partner with us to create the innovative eating experiences today’s consumers want, with functional ingredients like fiber and appealing colors, flavors and textures.

Our unmatched portfolio of ingredients helps you meet your nutrition goals, create clean labels or make functional claims, so you can deliver the convenient, on-the-go dairy products consumers love.


Our fruit preparation process maintains the integrity of the fruit through:

  • Improved retention of the original fruit color
  • Better preservation of natural fruit flavor
  • Better firmness of the fruit pieces

Ice Cream and Sorbets

Both indulgent and better-for-you options, including plant-based frozen desserts, are driving ice cream sales. Our solutions offer customers the unique textures and exciting flavors consumers want, as well as wholesome ingredients and even functional benefits—all in fully customizable solutions:

  • Ripple feeders with fruit pieces and clean label options
  • Brown/fruit ripple toppings without fruit pieces, liquid core
  • Coated ice cream solution for fruit coatings, double coatings, pH-neutral coatings and liquid cores

Bakery, Cereals and Snacks

We understand your baking needs and formulation-specific challenges better than anyone in the industry. Our Bakery Innovation Centers use our insights into the latest international product trends, comprehensive application expertise and sample creation, sensory, feasibility and stability tests and technical support to create turnkey bakery fillings for your products.

All our filling solutions are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements while replicating great gold standard taste over and over. Our one-step system is easy to incorporate into your existing system and ensures quality supply and product stability.

We offer the full spectrum of fillings, including:

  • Pre- and post-bake layered fillings
  • Pre- and post-bake injected fillings
  • Bake-stable fillings


Solve your most daunting confectionery challenges with our flavor and texture solutions, including our vertically integrated mint, citrus and vanilla portfolios, and breakthrough taste and texture modification technologies. We can also help you balance indulgence and nutrition by reducing sugar without losing flavor and functionality with our portfolio of sweeteners and SweetSavvySM expertise.

Our portfolio of high-tech preparations span a wide range of application areas:

  • Fillings for chocolate
  • Fillings for gummies & candies
  • Fillings for chewing gums
  • Reversible & non-reversible fillings
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