ADM in Turkiye

ADM Turkiye

ADM Turkiye serves multiple markets and industries, including food and beverage, feed, packaging and construction and more. 

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ADM in Turkiye

In Turkiye, ADM serves multiple industries and markets, including food & beverage, feed, paper & packaging and construction, and is a significant contributor to local agriculture. ADM operates two processing plants and two offices in Istanbul, serving both domestic and international customers and providing destination marketing services. Located in Adana, ADM assets include one of the country’s largest corn refineries as well as a compound plant offering flavor systems & compounds, concentrate and food service to food & beverage customers across the Middle East.



Today, ADM owns and operates 3 entities in Türkiye. 

Established in 1989, began producing starch and glucose syrup in 1992 under the name of Amylum Nişasta A.Ş, as a joint venture of ADM. In 2015, ADM acquired full ownership and re-named as ADM Besin ve Tarım A.Ş. , which today operates as a subsidiary of ADM. Today, ADM Besin is one of the biggest producers in its sector and a reputable exporter to many countries in the world.

ADM’s Destination Marketing team established for importing and trading agricultural commodities in Turkiye at the end of 2019 based in Istanbul, supported by the Execution and Finance teams at the ADM Besin to help kick-off operations.  Through a Readiness initiative, we identified opportunities to enhance our operational and IT efficiencies to improve customer experience by creating a separate Global Trade entity – ADM Turkey Tarım Tic. A.Ş. and keep growing.

ADM Wild has been active food and beverage industry in Turkiye for 30 years. In 2004 Istanbul sales office including beverage application services established to expand its sales and services in Turkish Market. ADM Wild started production for local and export markets in Adana in 2014. Within the scope of growing strategy ADM Wild started establishment of food application services in Turkiye in 2022. Today ADM Wild provides ingredients and solutions for foods, beverages, and supplements for people in Turkiye and around the world.  


Local and Global Business

ADM in Türkiye is committed to growing its business locally. Next to the sugars and starches that are derived from corn, following a series of capital investments between 1997 and 2001, we began producing crystalline fructose for customers in Europe and the Middle East. We increased our export capacity with further investments in 2003 and 2006 and started exports across the world. By using only domestically grown corn in our products for the domestic market, we support local farmers and contribute more broadly to Türkiye’s economy.

ADM’s Destination Marketing operations imports and trades agricultural commodities in the country to close the local deficit for each commodity.

Moreover, as part of ADM’s global network, we bring the benefit of ADM’s expertise to our industry as a whole.


Safety & Environment

ADM is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees and contractors. Protecting people and the environment is part of everything we do and every decision we make. For the last several years, we have been on a journey to zero injuries – building a safety culture so everyone will go home safely to their families and the things that are most important to them.


Products & Services

With its 3 entities in Türkiye, ADM offers a wide range of products for several industries including, crop origination, food & beverage, edible oils, paper & packaging, animal nutrition. Our plant processes only non-GMO corn and can provide IP certificates issued by accredited certification organizations upon customer request.

ADM Besin is also capable of offer ISCC certified sustainable products to the local market, that are produced from sustainable grown corn in Türkiye.

Our food safety management system is certified by FSSC 22000 and adheres to the standards set out by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI.) Our food safety certificates are available upon request.


Carbohydrate Solutuions, Adana

Our corn refinery, located in Adana, processes non-GMO corn for the food & beverage, animal nutrition, edible oils, paper & packaging and construction industries. Products include:

  • starches
  • corn syrups
  • crystalline fructose
  • specialty food ingredients
  • industrial starches
  • corn germs
  • feed products

Accreditations: ISO 9001 | FSSC 22000 | IP- Non GMO | ISCC Plus | Halal & Kosher

One of the top 500 Manufacturing Companies

One of top 1000 Exporters in Turkiye


Compound Plant Adana

A compound facility in Adana, serving both local and export food & beverage customers. Products & services inlclude: 

  • compounds
  • concentrate blends — syrups

Accreditations: ISO 9001 | FSSC 22000 Halal


ADM Global Trade & Destination Marketing, Istanbul

Imports and trades agricultural commodities, including: 

  • grains
  • feedstuffs
  • oilseeds
  • co-products
  • pulses


ADM Human Nutrition, Istanbul

Trades flavors and colors, specialty Ingredients, Nutritional Supplements, Fiber, Fermentation Technology.

The sales and laboratory teams support customers with: 

  • customer recipe & applications development
  • marketing support and market research
  • microbiological analysis


ADM Besin ve Tarım. A.Ş.-Carbohydrate Solutions Plant (Starch & Sweeteners)
ADM Turkiye Global Trade & Destination Marketing Office
ADM Wild Gıda Office-Human Nutrition Ingredients