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As consumers and stakeholders expect more sustainable practices from brands, ADM is here to help you advance your climate goals through our regenerative agriculture programs. Partner with us to create a sustainability roadmap to help you advance your goals.

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Leading the Way with Regenerative Agriculture Programs

With our deep-rooted relationships with growers, ADM is uniquely positioned to help you address your climate goals and unlock Scope 3 reductions from field to finished ingredient. Through our global re:generations™ program, we’re working directly with growers to implement cover crops, reduced tillage and implement other regenerative agriculture practices to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Download our brochure to learn how ADM can help you meet your climate goals and unlock Scope 3 reductions that can be measured and passed on to consumers.

Our Regenerative Farming Commitment

We take addressing your climate goals seriously. Here are a few of the ways our global re:generations™ program has grown, along with our plans for the future.

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20 Years of Sustainability

We have a long history of sustainability practices. For over 20 years, ADM has partnered with farmers to implement sustainable and regenerative agriculture programs.

Global Goal Setting

BY 2025, it’s our goal to expand our regenerative agriculture programs to 5,000,000 acres around the world.

We’re Growing and Growing

Powered by relationships with thousands of farmers around the globe, we're expanding our regenerative agriculture work globally.

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Podcast: Sustainability Chat

How Sustainable Farming Can Advance Your Climate Goals: An Interview with Paul Sheetz
Paul Sheetz, Director of Climate Smart Ag Origination, sat down with Food Navigator to discuss ADM’s global regenerative agriculture projects and how we're working directly with growers.
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