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ADM Stories

Learn more about ADM's efforts in innovation and sustainability, and our impact in communities around the globe.

These are our founders. This is their story.

Two ambitious people come together and, from humble beginnings in someone’s garage or a makeshift office, create a company that grows and shapes a world they never could have imagined. One is the bear, the other the bull. One acts as the extroverted face of the company, the other its introverted sage. This odd-couple tale is one of the most familiar narratives in business. This also happens to be our story. Read more.

Making the Perfect Plant-Based Burger

With the explosion of consumer interest in flexitarian diets, ADM customers have been asking for the science behind making delicious plant-based alternative meats. At our Food Innovation Center in Decatur, Illinois, the research and development team is sharing ADM’s know-how, technological skills, and unmatched protein, natural flavor and specialty ingredient portfolio in an intensive, three-day customer experience known as the ADM Alternative Meat Seminar. Read more.

Driving Sustainable Mint Innovation from the Ground Up

Using plant science to innovate has been a cornerstone of A.M. Todd—the mint division of ADM’s flavors business—for over half a century. In fact, for more than 70 years, plant scientists have been working with mint farmers to ensure a thriving mint future by supporting responsible land management. Read more.

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