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ADM Stories

We’re one of the world’s largest nutrition companies—committed to people, communities and the planet. We offer sustainable, innovative solutions to meet the world’s most fundamental needs for food, drink and more. We are Team ADM. These are our stories.

Partnering with Water.org to Bring Clean Water to 100K People

One in nine people around the world currently lack access to clean water. As communities grapple with the impacts of climate change, economic recessions and public health crises, the need for access to clean, safe water is more crucial than ever. ADM’s partnership with Water.org enables access to sustainable water and improved sanitation in at-risk watersheds in India, Brazil and the Philippines. In honor of World Water Day, we share the story of one woman, among the tens of thousands, this partnership is helping. Read more.

Molly Strader Fruit Brings Broad Experience and Unique Perspective as ADM’s New Controller

Since joining ADM 14 years ago, Molly Strader Fruit has worked across businesses and functions, giving her a unique view of the how our broad business can work together – and that view is informing how she is tackling her new role as Vice President and Corporate Controller for ADM. Read more.

Pictures of Leadership: Trailblazing Women on #TeamADM Share their Stories

Part of how we help create a gender-equal world is by celebrating women’s achievement, raising awareness of bias and taking action for equality. During the month of March, we’re spotlighting women on #TeamADM who are shaping the future of agriculture and nutrition. In this first edition of our series, meet some of the women who have risen to positions of power in our business, and learn more about the decisions they made, and the paths they forged to get where they are today. Read more.

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