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Learn more about ADM's efforts in innovation and sustainability, and our impact in communities around the globe.

ARTCO Crew Saves Stranded Boaters

Keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe is ingrained in our culture – but for some of us, any given day might mean looking after the safety of total strangers as well. That was the case recently, when the ARTCO towboat Cardinal Pride was operating on the upper Mississippi, across from downtown St. Louis. The captain of the Cardinal Pride, William Young, spotted a small pleasure boat with four people waving for assistance. The boat had lost power, and was being carried in the strong Mississippi current toward several stationary barges tied up nearby. Read more.

How ADM is Reinventing the Vanilla Supply Chain

Most people associate vanilla extract with their baking recipes, but they aren’t aware of the complexities of the traditional supply chain. ADM’s vertical supply chain in Madagascar enables us to get right to our farmers – and directly provide them fair market prices for their product. We are happy to announce that we are now offering Fairtrade Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract – just in time for Fairtrade Month. Read more.

Tackling Postharvest Food Loss in India

In the Indian state of Bihar, where there is widespread poverty and 77% of the population is engaged in agriculture, postharvest loss is a significant concern, which not only affects food availability and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, but also the environment. In effort to tackle food loss in Bihar, the ADM Institute for Postharvest Loss Prevention (ADMI) at the University of Illinois partnered other organizations and the local government to introduce postharvest technologies as part of building resilience to climate change. Read more.

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