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We’re one of the world’s largest nutrition companies—committed to people, communities and the planet. We offer sustainable, innovative solutions to meet the world’s most fundamental needs for food, drink and more. We are Team ADM. These are our stories.

ADM's Top 5 Stories of 2020

From unlocking our identity, to promoting racial diversity and equity, to rescuing sailors off the Western Sahara, Team ADM has accomplished so much together, as we work to fulfill our purpose. We share our top 5 most-read stories of 2020. Read more.

New Year, New Protein?

Could new alternative protein solutions soon come out of thin air? Air Protein is a new company that has become a pioneer in producing meat made from elements of the air -- yes, air. The company has developed a unique technology to continually produce protein in sustainable fermentation “farms” that can be built virtually anywhere on the planet. ADM Ventures, the venture capital arm of ADM, sees potential in this new technology and is one of the key initial investors in the company. Read more.

ADM's Trainees on the Impact They Hope to Make as Future Leaders

For the five young women who are part of ADM’s first cross-business trainee program in Europe, there is no doubt that they are part of a changing world, one in which they aspire to shape the agri-food industry as future leaders. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the trainees are combining remote work with on-site experience to learn, grow, and make a difference. They share their thoughts on starting their careers, and the impact they hope to make one day. Read more.

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