Dry Mixes and Bases

Save time without sacrificing quality with our ready-to-use dry bakery mixes and bases. All of our mixes are built from our high-quality flours and are formulated for reliable results. Choose from our broad product offering, including:

  • Sweet Dough and Danish – Complete mix or base; ideal for a wide variety of sweet bread-type products, shelf-stable sweet goods and laminated pastries.
  • Cake Donuts – Complete mix or sugarless base; formulated for a complete range of regular, old-fashioned, flavored and cruller cake donuts.
  • Raised Yeast Donuts – Complete mix or base; available in extended-shelf-life formula. For use in straight-time, no-time, and pressure-cut raised donuts, bars, donut holes and croissants.
  • Cake Mixes and Bases – Choose from complete mixes, add-egg base, or concentrate mixes. For virtually all cake creations, including angel food cake, layer cakes, decorator sheet cakes, pound cakes, sponge cakes, shortcakes, white and devil’s food cakes, and brownies.
  • Variety, Pudding and Cream Cake – Available in plain and chocolate, as a complete mix or add-egg base. Great for ring cakes, bundt-type cakes, loafs, muffins and jumbo muffins.
  • Muffins and Biscuits – A variety of tasty, tender muffin and biscuit mixes; just add water. Can be enhanced with our Flavor Morsels or fresh ingredients such as zucchini, carrots and fruits.
  • White Flour-Based Bread and Rolls – Mixes, bases and concentrates for a variety of white and specialty breads, pan breads, dinner rolls, sourdough goods and artisan-style breads.
  • Specialty Bread and Rolls – Create custom goods in a fraction of the time with our complete mix or base for multi-grain, rye and whole-wheat breads and rolls. No-time or straight-time fermentation options available. Perfect for mix-and-match combinations to create your own signature inventions.
  • Specialty Mixes and Concentrates – Add character and variety to your products with our specialized mixes, including Dutch-crust topping for breads; instant puddings and pie fillings; donut sugar toppings; hot-cross piping and other specialty items.
  • Breading, Pancake and Batter Mixes – Nothing could be easier than our just-add-water mixes and coatings for pan and deep-fried goods, including pancakes, waffles and corn dog batter.

We also can formulate Custom Mixes and Bases to suit your needs.