Specialty Products

While flours are the cornerstone of our business, we also put our milling expertise to work on a host of specialty products. Each one starts with carefully selected base grains, and is processed according to our strict milling standards, for consistent, best-quality results. Our specialty milled products are ideal for use in both custom food-service and restaurant creations, and as ingredients in packaged mixes.

Harvest Pearl™ Sorghum Flour

When it comes to creating better-tasting gluten-free foods, not just any flour replacer will do.

Whether you are formulating baked goods, cereals or snacks, Harvest Pearl™ sorghum flour delivers superior neutral taste and color to ensure consumers only taste your delicious products. Packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants, sorghum is the ideal gluten-free baking solution offering real food credentials.

Plus, our Harvest Pearl™ sorghum flour is grown right here in the United States, sourced to our exacting standards and milled in a dedicated gluten-free facility for superior quality and your peace of mind. It’s the perfect gluten-free flour for creating more delicious products consumers love.

Malted Barley

Use our Malted Barley Flour in baking to improve diastatic power and break down starches more efficiently, improving consistency of fermentation and dough processing. Its light tan color should not dramatically change crumb color of the final product. Malted Barley Flour has applications as both a flour additive and flavoring.

  • Moisture %: 8.0
  • Ash %: ~1.0
  • Protein %: ~12.0
  • Fat %: ~1.0

Wheat Germ

Our golden Wheat Germ is high in protein, vitamin E and iron. It enhances nutrition value when used as a food additive or in breads and cereals.

  • Moisture %: 13.0
  • Protein %: ~25.0
  • Fat %: ~9.0

Wheat Bran

A coarse baker’s bran, our Wheat Bran is a valuable, fiber-boosting enhancement to cereals and variety breads.

  • Moisture %: 14.0
  • Protein %: ~13.0
  • Fat %: ~5.0

Soy Fortified Bulgur

Soy-Fortified Bulgur is a higher-fiber option for today’s health-conscious consumer. It works well in porridge, pilaf and as a rice substitute.

  • Moisture %: 11.5
  • Ash %: ~2.2
  • Protein %: 17.3 (minimum)
  • Fat %: ~1.0

Pregelatinized Wheat Flour-Aquatex

Aquatex is used throughout the industry as a binder in food, pet food and industrial applications. It offers a desirable creamy white color for color sensitive application’s in which wheat gluten allergen issues are not a concern. The flour is fully cold-water soluble, which helps in coatings and extending shelf-life. In addition, it controls moisture migration.

Pregelatinized Corn Flour-Larodex

Larodex is useful in many applications where a corn flour label is preferred. The lack of U.S. allergen labeling requirements for corn allow for great diversity in applications. Larodex has excellent binding properties, is cold-water soluble, and can be used as a milk and/or fat replacement in many formulas. Larodex offers a full yellow corn color and taste.


The powdery white purity of our Farina beckons memories of those hot-cereal mornings of childhood. Milled from pure wheat endosperm, Farina is extremely low in both ash and protein. The result: a snow-white, granular product, ideally suited for hot cereals and English muffins.

  • Ash %: ~0.40
  • Protein %: ~10.0


Pre-cooked and partially de-branned, our Bulgur is a substitute for grits, rice, hot cereal and pilaf.

  • Moisture %: 12.0
  • Ash %: ~1.5
  • Protein %: ~11.5
  • Fat %: ~1.5

Dry Sweeteners

Taste success when you make the switch from messy liquid sweeteners to convenient dry sweeteners from ADM. We have a complete line of all-natural sweeteners to give your product the perfect flavor, color, and aroma.

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We offer dry sweeteners, including honey and molasses, as well as snack and nut coatings and tack blends. For most recipes, dry sweeteners replace liquid sweeteners effectively and efficiently.

Plus, our dry sweeteners are available in flake or powder form, so you can choose the best option for your application:

  • Baked goods and cereals
  • Sweet Goods
  • Nuts and snack foods
  • Icing and glazes
  • Seasonings and flavors
  • Dry mixes
  • Beverage
  • Margarines
  • Meat products and spreads
  • Confections
  • Nutrition bars
  • Dressings and sauces


Our dry sweeteners are packaged in cartons and boxes with polyethylene inner bags, which create less waste and use less storage space compared to the drums and totes used for liquid sweeteners. Boxes also mean easier handling and safer working conditions for employees. Plus, our products are free-flowing for easy handling, and their dry form makes clean-up easy—no messy liquid sweetener spills.

Choose Your Flavor

Need a special blend or unique product? Our expert staff will work with you to help solve your formulation challenges and provide technical support. Our research and development team has the experience and the advanced testing facilities to provide you with new formulations or help you test the new products you need to succeed.

To learn more about our specialty products contact us.