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Canola oils from ADM deliver built-in consumer appeal, with a heart-healthy halo, courtesy of a low saturated fat content—the lowest of all common edible oils and less than half that of olive oil—and its high omega-3 fatty acid content.

With its light, neutral texture and taste, low saturated fats and high fatty acids—and versatile functionality— our canola oil is ideal for use in a variety of consumer-pleasing foods, but there’s more. Our low-in-saturated fats canola oils meet the highest standards—and can help you reach higher goals—with the largest portfolio of edible oils in the industry, unmatched technical ingenuity, and the vertical, reliable supply chain that provides the ADM reliability you expect—and can count on.

Consistently high-quality canola oil from ADM also gives you a host of added benefits with a high level of service, dedicated customer relationships, a strong supply chain and transportation network with transload opportunities.

†FDA Qualified Health Claim re: Canola Oil
"Limited and not conclusive scientific evidence suggests that eating about 1 ½ tablespoons (19 grams) of canola oil daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to the unsaturated fat content in canola oil. To achieve this possible benefit, canola oil is to replace a similar amount of saturated fat and not increase the total number of calories you eat in a day. One serving of this product contains [x] grams of canola oil."

Qualified Health Claims: Letter of Enforcement Discretion - Unsaturated Fatty Acids from Canola Oil and Reduced Risk of Coronary Heart Disease (Docket No. 2006Q-0091)

Targeted Functional Benefits with Canola Oils

Our canola oils are ideal for baked goods, snack foods, dressings and sauces, and foodservice applications and bring specific functional benefits:

  • Neutral taste: does not impact taste of finished products
  • Lubricity and moistness: for better eating quality and moist texture in baked goods
  • Versatility: for use in doughs, batters, snack products and more
  • Flowability: even at cooler temperatures Targeted nutritional and labeling objectives: provides both low saturated fats and high monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and a source of essential fatty acids (ALA/LA)

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of canola oils to meet your application requirements and fulfill health-conscious consumers’ desires.

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Canola Oil

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