Scoop Up Cereal Success

Get to market faster and deliver classic favorite and trend-forward cereals—the go-to breakfast meal (and snack) consumers love. With a world-class portfolio of ingredients and the formulation expertise, technical ingenuity and turnkey capabilities to nourish your success, create cereals that win consumers’ hearts, minds—and most importantly, their taste buds.

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A Cereal for Every Occasion

Snack-alicious. Less added sugar. Organic. Indulgent. There’s a long list of boxes when it comes to cereal, and you can tick them all—to please consumers who eat it by the bowlful, at every time of day.

Trying to balance consumers’ demand for better health and great taste? Tap into a whole pantry full of ingredients to help you reduce sugar, provide trend-forward functional benefits, and more. Taste is still king, and you can create better-for-you options that taste great and carry a big crunch, using our tried-and-true sugar reduction expertise and 35+ years of plant protein experience.

Want to create attention-grabbing cereal options? Consumers are on the lookout for new and exciting breakfast and snack options that stand out in the crowded cereal aisle. With a whole pantry of exciting ingredients at your fingertips—and the innovative expertise to help you create something great—you can give them everything from wholesome organic breakfast options to more decadent options for occasional indulgence.

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Cereal Pantry Solutions

Make the most of the industry’s most comprehensive ingredient portfolio—with reliability and quality second to none, for your peace of mind.

You can optimize your cereal’s taste, texture, functionality and cost with our pantry solutions, including an extensive sweetener portfolio and the expertise to answer today’s sugar reduction challenges.

Scoop into our pantry for:

Taste Solutions

  • Natural flavors
  • Extracts & distillates
  • Taste modification
  • Sweetening solutions
  • Acidulants
  • Seasonings
  • Starches & sweeteners
  • Fillings

Texture & Mouthfeel Solutions

  • Sugar Reduction Solutions
  • Emulsifiers

Color Solutions

  • Colors from Nature®
  • Caramel replacement
  • Titanium dioxide replacement
  • Coloring foodstuff

Nutrition & Functionality Solutions

  • Plant-based proteins
  • Ancient grains
  • Beans & pulses
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Oils & fats
  • Antioxidants
  • Health & wellness
  • Botanicals

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