Low Trans Revolution

Our innovative NovaLipid™ line of zero grams per serving and lower trans-fat oils and shortenings enables you to meet zero transfat per serving labeling requirements, and reduce trans fats in your formulations without sacrificing taste.

Developed by ADM’s global oil and fats team, the NovaLipid line offers functionality, stability, and nutritional benefits for a number of food systems. The baking, snacks, confections, margarine, and frying industries may require a fat source that will meet consumer demands for zero grams trans-fat per serving labels. NovaLipid products will provide our customers various alternatives to meet their range of applications.

Enzyme Interesterification

ADM was the first ingredient manufacturer in North America to use the enzymatice interesterification process commercially. Enzyme interesterification increases processing flexibility and also provides numerous functional characteristics, including a sharper melting profile and a low-trans alternative that is fully functional

EPA Green Chemistry Award winners Archer Daniels Midland Company & Novozymes

Two major challenges facing the food and ingredient industry today are providing health-conscious products to the public and developing environmentally responsible production technology.

Archer Daniels Midland Company and Novozymes developed a way to make edible fats and oils that contain no trans fatty acids on a per serving basis. 

Extensive research and development work by both Novozymes and ADM has led to the commercialization of an enzymatic interesterification process.

Novozymes developed a cost effective immobilized enzyme, and ADM developed the process to stabilize the immobilized enzyme enough for successful commercial production.  The interesterified oil provides food companies with broad options for zero and reduced trans fat food products.

In addition, interesterification is the most effective way to decrease the trans fat content in foods without sacrificing the functionality of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.