ADM’s NovaLipid™ products make up the most complete line of 0 trans per serving oils and shortenings on the market. They include naturally stable oils and fats, trait-enhanced oils and fats, margarines and shortenings, and custom blends.

NovaLipid products provide the same great functionality and stability as our other oils and can be incorporated into applications with limited processing changes. These oils also help food manufacturers meet trans-fat labeling requirements and allow foodservice operators to offer products with enhanced nutritional benefits.

ADM developed an enzymatic interesterification process that is preferable to the chemical interesterification process used to reduce trans-fats. The oils are subjected to less severe processing conditions, which results in a more environmentally friendly process that also increases functionality. 

ADM is the first and only food ingredient manufacturer in North America to use the enzymatic interesterification process commercially. In 2005, ADM received a Presidential Green Chemistry Award, given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for its use of enzymatic interesterification in NovaLipid products. In addition to the recognition above, the FDA has granted special labeling of these products as interesterified oil.