Isolated Soy Proteins

ADM’s isolated soy proteins are industry leaders in taste and function. Extremely clean flavored isolated soy proteins with minimum protein levels of 90 percent on a moisture-free basis, Ardex®, Pro-Fam® and CLARISOY™ can be used to increase nutritional content or for emulsification in a variety of applications.

  • Beverages
  • Bars
  • Dairy Alternatives
  • Extruded Snacks and Cereals
  • Emulsified Meats
  • Sauces, Gravies, and Soups

At ADM, we pride ourselves on the depth of our experience, the breadth of our product line, and our extensive systems knowledge — along with our proven ability to help you formulate with the exact isolates you require.

Featured Isolated Soy Proteins from ADM:

  • Pro-Fam®

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