Pea Proteins

Highly Functional, Cleanest Tasting Pea Protein Around

Pump up your non-allergenic, nutrient-dense—and sustainable—alternative protein products, with ADM’s new pea protein. It’s clean tasting and highly functional—the perfect option for a wide range of applications.

Feeding Consumer Demand for Non-Allergen and Non-GMO Plant Protein

Pea protein is the fastest growing plant protein in global alternative product launches in the last five years (Source: Mintel 2020). It’s been gaining popularity as a way to meet consumer demands for added protein and positive nutrition as it is non-allergenic and inherently non-GMO.

Tick All the Boxes on Your Formulation Needs List

Formulate innovative, delicious and nutritious food and beverages, choosing from a variety of on-trend, pea protein ingredients to meet all your application needs. Not only are they clean and neutral tasting, they’re created with functionality in mind, to improve your end product’s texture, as well as taste. Our pea proteins are created using non-GMO North America-grown and processed peas, and we use every part of the pea, so nothing goes to waste.

Put our deep and wide technical expertise to work for you, as we leverage it across our extensive portfolio and a variety of applications.

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of pea proteins, adding to our growing protein portfolio, to provide consumer preferred alternative protein solutions—with new additions on the horizon.

Powdered Pea Proteins

ProFam® Pea 580

We’ve put our expertise to work to give you cleaner taste, a lighter color, and higher functionality. Superior gelation and solubility are the hallmarks of our ProFam® pea protein powder.

The cleanest-tasting pea protein! Clean tasting vs. other pea proteins which may have an ‘earthy’ or ‘green’ taste, to reduce the need for maskers in product formulation

A lighter, more neutral color, to star in a wide range of applications across food and beverage

High gel strength and high solubility, to make it easier to work with and to put into a wider range of formulations

A high protein content, featuring an 80% minimum protein content product

Textured Pea Proteins

Arcon® T 513 Textured Pea Protein

Arcon® T 514 Textured Pea Protein

Better water absorption for higher functionality and clean taste are paramount in our Arcon® T textured pea proteins. Available in two blends to give consumers more premium wholesome goodness (pea and chickpea, or pea and navy bean).

Cleaner taste than other pea proteins—reduced need for flavor masking in product formulation

A high water-holding capacity and faster hydration properties, making it easier to formulate meat alternatives with the expected bite and chew

Enhanced nutrition quality featuring a higher protein content and a blend of high quality, on-trend, non-allergen proteins: pea + chickpea, pea + navy bean