Specialty Oils

Purified Pharmaceutical Oils and Fully Hydrogenated Oils

ADM-SIO high-quality specialty oils are manufactured in France with the strictest GMP standards from carefully sourced, non-GMO raw materials. ADM-SIO offers innovative global solutions tailored to the specific challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, medical nutrition, animal nutrition & personal care applications. 

Specializing in the most sophisticated applications, ADM-SIO relies on its experience and expertise in oils and fats to maintain its technological and regulatory leadership and meet the new requirements of its customers. Our key technologies include: custom refining, hydrogenation and flaking, esterification and interesterification, fat solid crystallization and texturizing, as well as custom nutritional formulations.

Depend on the reliable performance of our refined olive, soybean and sesame oils, hydrogenated vegetable oils and solid fatty esters across oral, parenteral, and injectable applications, all available to serve very demanding customer needs. 

Purified Pharmaceutical Oils 

ADM-SIO offers an extensive range of highly purified oils derived from vegetable origins that meet major relevant pharmaceutical regulations and are manufactured according to cGMP standards. We make delivering compliance and consistency a reality, giving you an edge to innovate with confidence.

These highly purified oils serve a dual purpose, either for use as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in parenteral nutrition or as highly purified excipients for injectable, oral, and topical applications. 

ADM-SIO offers soybean and olive oils for use as API and soybean, olive and sesame oils for use as excipients including suppository mass excipients. Each are compliant with EP & USP guidelines. 

Soybean and Olive Oil
Manufactured under cGMP according to ICH-Q7; supported with CEP and DMF type IV
Refined soybean oil IV and refined olive oil IV can be used in human and veterinary applications such as:

  • parenteral nutrition
  • injectables
  • syrup
  • softgels

Sesame Oil
Manufactured under cGMP according to IPEC guidelines; supported with DMF type IV
Refined sesame oil IV-1 can be used in human and veterinary applications such as: 

  • injectables
  • syrup
  • softgels

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils  

These fully hydrogenated vegetable oils, including soybean, palm, sunflower, rapeseed and olive oils, offer high melting points for food, feed and cosmetic applications.

In food applications, these high-melt point oils can be used as gum bases or hardstocks, as well as nutritional and functional formulations. 

In feed applications, they can be used as encapsulants and binding agents. 

In cosmetics, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils can be used as shea butters in creams, mineral oil replacements in lipsticks, and esters in shampoos. 

They also function as texturizing agents in industrial applications. 

Commercial NameRaw MaterialMelting Point (°C)
GV 60 (MB or SG)*Palm62-63
VGB 4Soybean (non-GMO)68-71
VGB 5 STSunflower69-73
VGB 6Rapeseed (low erucic)68-74
VGB 22Rapeseed (high erucic)61-66
Olive WAXOlive60-70
VGB 760 (MB or SG)*Palm (not hydrogenated)59-64

*MB (Mass Balance) or SG (Segregated), ADM is a member of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil)

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