ADM provides de-icers to government agencies, landscape contractors, the coal industry and other industrial users. We use agriculturally derived products to enhance traditional de-icing chemicals such as magnesium chloride and sodium chloride, and we also provide non-chloride, environmentally friendly solutions.

Our natural-source, cost-effective products help lower freezing points, add corrosion inhibition and reduce the amount of chloride needed on roads, all while improving driving conditions.

The combination of our Cobra glycerin product and SBA-1, a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor, lowers the corrosion rate of salt brine by more than 70 percent. It can also extend time between applications and enhance the performance of salt brine at lower application rates.

We provide an industrial freeze control agent that is less harmful to equipment than traditional chloride products.

Through Glacial Technologies, ADM offers roadway de-icing materials. All of our corn-based de-icers, including the Caliber® and the NC-3000 lines, which are unsurpassed in performance and reliability, are available through Glacial Technologies. The product lines include chloride enhancers, non-chlorides and stockpile treatments.

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