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Dust Control Products

ADM provides dust control products to government and industry. We use agriculturally derived ingredients to enhance traditional products and provide solutions.

ADM is proud to be part of a joint venture called Glacial Technologies, which offers the Caliber® DC line of road stabilization and dust control liquids. The line combines the adhesive properties of the Caliber corn-based product with the hygroscopic nature of magnesium chloride. The products enhance road base performance by increasing stability and retaining the fine soil particles.

Caliber DC products were tested in a Federal Highway Administration study that showed they had the highest performance and longevity of six dust control products tested. Caliber DC products have been proven to extend the life of traditional magnesium chloride applications in all types of climates and road bases ranging from hot desert to cold, wet mountainous regions.

To view technical documentation and request samples, please visit our Product Database.

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