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Emulsifiers & Hydrocolloids

ADM provides consistent, cost-effective, naturally derived emulsifiers and hydrocolloids for a broad range of applications including paints and coatings, oil well drilling, plastics and personal care items.

Our PurelyForm™ xanthan gum delivers high viscosity at low concentrations. It thickens and stabilizes in paints and coatings, promotes shear thinning in oil drilling, thickens body and hair care products, improves mouthfeel in toothpaste and more.

ADM offers emulsifier systems for paints, inks, agricultural spray adjuvants, mining and drilling applications.

A Legacy of Expertise

ADM continues to grow our legacy of expertise across functional texture ingredients—polyols, emulsifiers, and hyrdocolloids—that began in the 1940s, as the first company in the U.S. to make commercial soy lecithin. Our emulsifiers and hydrocolloids provide reliable quality, while our distribution network ensures a dependable supply. Leverage our technical expertise—we work with you to create customizable solutions to increase your speed to market.

Sustainable Supply

ADM’s partnership with sustainable growers provides the highest quality ingredients and consistency, from field to market. Unlike many other emulsifier and hydrocolloid products, ours are fully derived from plants and produced in the U.S. via fermentation from plant-based sources at our own dedicated Decatur plant.

To view technical documentation and request samples please visit our Product Database.

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To view technical documents or request samples, please visit our Product Database.