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Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers

ADM helps customers in the paints and coatings industries tackle the environmental issues of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by providing quality natural-based solutions from nature.


ADM produces corn and wheat starches and cellulose, soy protein and xanthan bio-polymers.

Denatured Ethyl Alcohols

ADM has a range of denatured ethanol products for industry application as additives and solvents.

Glycerol, Polyols and Propylene Glycol

The ADM Polyol product line includes sorbitol, propylene glycol and glycerol.

Industrial Oils

ADM is one of the world’s largest producers of vegetable oils including linseed oilsoybean oilcottonseed oilcanola oil, waxes, methylated seed oils and soy methyl esters. ADM also provides polymerized oils for enhanced lubricity needs. 


ADM has a wide range of lecithin products and derivatives for use in emulsion and surfactant applications.