USP Excipient/Food Use

Functional Fluids

USP excipient grade propylene glycol is specified for fluids that may come in contact with foods through packaging material, food processing equipment and labels.

Fragrance, Cosmetics and Personal Care

Propylene glycol is used as an emollient base for such products as:

  • Antiperspirants
  • Suntan lotions
  • Shave creams
  • Eye drops
  • Contact lens solution
  • Beauty ointments

It is also a chemical intermediate used to make several chemical ingredients which are used as moisturizers and emollient hand and body creams, wetting agents, glossing agents, pigment stabilizers and ingredient carriers.

Food and Flavorings

In food and flavoring applications, propylene glycol keeps baked goods soft and pliable.  It serves as a solvent for food colorants and flavor extracts and in food additives such as colors, antioxidants, enzymes and emulsifiers.

Animal Feed

Used primarily for semi-moist dog food, propylene glycol functions as:

  • Solvent 
  • Stabilizer  
  • Preservative  
  • Energy source
  • Humectant 

Pharmaceutical (Excipient Only)

It is used in pharmaceutical products as an excipient (non-active ingredient or starting material) or solvent in oral and topical drug products.