EnviroStrip and eStrip Products

Today's most advanced dry stripping technology for tomorrow's most stringent requirements:

ADM’s EnviroStrip®, EnviroStrip® XL and eStrip® GPX Type VII

Two decades ago, methylene chloride chemical stripping was the only way to remove paint from aircraft. Today, a myriad of paint stripping technologies exist: chemical, mechanical, thermal and hybrid combinations. Evaluating these technologies requires consideration of several factors, which can be challenging to both the materials and process engineer. Safeguarding the integrity of the aerospace materials and components is of primary concern. But environmental and work-safety regulations – as well as economic and operational criteria – must also be satisfied.

Only one coating removal technology – ADM’s EnviroStrip and eStrip — offers coatings and materials compatibility, efficiency and improved environmental- and worker-safety.

ADM offers three dry stripping products: EnviroStrip wheat starch media, EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer and eStrip GPX Type VII, a starch graft acrylic copolymer. All three dry stripping products boast an unsurpassed range of OEM approvals for use throughout the aerospace industry.