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EnviroStripXL Corn Hybrid Polymer

Preserves the low mechanical effects of wheat starch media. Compatible with all commercial plastic media blast equipment.

EnviroStrip® XL corn hybrid polymer opens the way to a new range of aerospace dry stripping applications not previously served by natural dry stripping media. EnviroStrip XL preserves the unique mechanical properties of EnviroStrip wheat starch media and incorporates the same features and benefits. But, this molecularly-engineered corn polymer offers a number of additional and distinct advantages for the end-user.

EnviroStrip XL removes coatings in a similar manner to wheat starch media. The product is propelled by pressurized air at low pressures, typically 20 to 40 psi. Like wheat starch media, EnviroStrip XL can remove coatings with minimal effect on the surfaces beneath the coating or paint. It removes virtually every type of aerospace coating, allowing a broad range of applications on both metallic and composite materials.

The added advantage of EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer (CHP) is that it can be used in all light abrasive blasting systems (e.g. plastic media) without limitation. With flowability characteristics similar to plastic media combined with substantial moisture resistance, EnviroStrip XL is a true drop-in replacement for plastic media blast (PMB) material. Now the full benefit of the EnviroStrip wheat starch media technology can be obtained without the need for costly equipment modifications.

Advantages of EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer:

Equipment Compatibility

Can be used in all commercially available plastic media blast systems without limitation

Moisture Resistance

  • Withstands condensation within pressurized equipment
  • If EnviroStrip XL comes in contact with moisture it will return to a granular state upon drying

Long Product Life

Low breakdown rates reduce product consumption 

UV Fluorescence aids inspection

XL is clearly detectable under black light, facilitating detection of residual media or dust during post-stripping inspection 

Materials compatibility

  • The same nose-to-tail coating removal capability as wheat starch media
  • Removes virtually every coating, from common epoxy and polyurethane paints to advanced low observable coatings

Effective on most metallic surfaces

  • Safe for aluminum alloys, with no significant mechanical effects
  • Leaves the same acceptable finish on soft clad aluminum for which wheat starch media is known

Effective on composite materials

  • Corn hybrid polymer can be applied to carbon-fiber, fiberglass, and aramid (Kevlar®) with no significant effect to surfaces
  • Safely and efficiently strips most composite structures and parts, from fiberglass radomes to graphite stabilizers

Process affords high degree of control

  • In many cases coatings and paints can be removed selectively leaving the primer intact
  • Forgiving process minimizes risk of damage to materials being stripped