Technical Bulletins


EnviroStrip® XL corn hybrid polymer fills the void between EnviroStrip wheat starch and plastic media, expanding the range of aerospace applications that can be served by dry stripping. EnviroStrip XL combines the advantages of the fast strip rates and low breakdown offered by plastic media with the gentle nature of EnviroStrip wheat starch. XL’s moisture resistance and good flowability allow it to be used in most plastic abrasive blasting systems, even in less than ideal environments. Important post stripping advantages include:

  1. EnviroStrip XL’s high UV fluorescence - greatly enhancing the ability to detect media.
  2. Stripped surfaces which can be cleaned simply with warm water and detergent (i.e. MEK solvent wipe is not required).

Media Management

Extensive production experience has shown that a broad particle size range in the working media mix provides EnviroStrip XL’s optimum performance. Blast systems can be replenished with new media (i.e. adding new media to the production mix) manually by the operator. Or, the blast equipment can be designed to replenish automatically at regular intervals. In order to achieve optimum performance, it is recommended that new media be fed into the production mix often and in small amounts.

EnviroStrip XL is ideal for metal and composite surfaces

EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer media is available in 1 standard mesh size. A Product Data Sheet is available.

EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer: 16/60 mesh size media - Product Code 1660 - is ground to a broad particle size range and is recommended for start-up and production purposes. It performs well upon initial (start-up) use of the product.

Process Equipment

EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer media can be used in standard, light abrasive, blast equipment. The enhanced flowability, faster stripping rates and low breakdown make it a simple drop-in replacement for plastic media. EnviroStrip XL can be used in hand-cabinets, blast rooms and in full-scale (hangar) aircraft depaint operations. ADM can assist you in equipment selection and specification.

Safety Precautions

Contaminants from Coatings Removed

The paint or coating material being removed may contain hazardous ingredients such as chromium, lead or cadmium metals. Since such contaminants become part of the corn polymer media dust waste, the dust waste material may be hazardous to personnel and the environment.

Users should investigate and fully understand the applicable safety regulations and environmental laws concerning dust contamination and exposure. User personnel and the working environment should be protected with the appropriate personnel protection and engineering controls.

Explosibility Data

Several independent studies have researched the ignition properties of EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer media and determined that it is not explosible. EnviroStrip XL products cannot be ignited. Only the dust produced from the breakdown of these products after blasting (material at a size less than 120 mesh size US Std. or < 0.125 mm) is ignitable at a given concentration when in the presence of a high-energy source.

The overall conclusion, based on a hazard assessment performed by an independent research laboratory (Chilworth Technology, Inc.), clearly shows that EnviroStrip XL corn hybrid polymer media and its corresponding dust is less hazardous than Type V plastic media. The equipment recommendations used for light abrasives, such as plastic media, are more than sufficient for the EnviroStrip XL dry stripping process.

Technical data on the ignition characteristics of EnviroStrip XL media can be obtained from ADM upon request.

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