eStrip GPX Type VII

New addition to ADM abrasive product line. Meets the United States Air Force Type VII specification for aerospace and non-aerospace applications. Compatible with all commercial plastic media blast equipment non-residue media – remaining dust/residue can be removed with water – no chemicals or chemical wipes required for clean surface.

eStrip® GPX Type VII media is an engineered copolymer blast abrasive derived from grafting starch with acrylic plastic. eStrip media are classified as USAF Type VII starch-g-acrylic media and are manufactured to meet the USAF MIL-P-85891 requirement. eStrip opens the way to new opportunities for military dry stripping applications not previously served by plastic stripping media. eStrip series media are designed to replace plastic media, especially when there are concerns about surface alteration and or the damage often related to the use of plastic abrasives. This molecularly engineered starch-g-acrylic media is offered in two different version eStrip GPX.

eStrip GPX is a hybrid corn starch and acrylic plastic based product that exhibits mechanical properties similar to starch abrasives, but performance characteristics similar to Mil Spec approved plastic media. It is suitable for metallic and composite substrates.

Both products are propelled by pressurized air at low pressures, typically 20 to 40 psi. They can remove coatings with minimal impact on the aluminum or composite substrate beneath the coating or paint. They will remove virtually every type of aerospace coating, supporting a broad range of applications for aerospace and non-aerospace coating removal requirements.

eStrip GPX corn starch hybrid and acrylic based product can be used in standard light abrasive blasting systems (e.g. plastic media units) without limitation. With flowability characteristics similar to plastic media, combined with substantial moisture resistance, eStrip GPX is a true drop-in replacement for plastic media.

Advantages of eStrip GPX corn starch hybrid and acrylic based product:

eStrip GPX Equipment Compatibility

Can be used in all commercially available plastic media blast systems without limitation

eStrip GPX Moisture Resistance

  • Withstands condensation within pressurized equipment
  • If eStrip GPX comes in contact with water it will return to a granular state upon drying

Long Product Life

Low breakdown rates reduce product consumption – Independent tests show 20+ recycles before final breakdown of particles.

Consistent Results

GPX is not a loose blend of various materials. It is a single homogeneous partial that remains stable as it breaks down. It does not change characteristics as it is used. GPX offers consistent results from start to finish.

eStrip GPX UV Fluorescence aids inspection

eStrip GPX is clearly detectable under black light, facilitating detection of residual media or dust during post-stripping inspection

Non-Residue Media

eStrip GPX remaining dust/residue can be removed with water – no chemicals or chemical wipes required for clean surface

Materials compatibility

  • The same nose-to-tail coating removal capability – can be used on aluminum and composite substrates
  • Removes virtually every coating, from common epoxy and polyurethane paints to advanced standard and HF low observable coatings

Effective on metallic surfaces

  • eStrip GPX are safe for aluminum alloys, with no significant mechanical effects
  • Leaves the same acceptable finish on soft clad aluminum

Effective on composite materials

  • eStrip GPX can be applied to carbon-fiber, fiberglass, and aramid (Kevlar®) with no significant effect on surfaces
  • Safely and efficiently strips most composite structures and parts, from fiberglass radomes to graphite stabilizers

Process affords high degree of control

  • In many cases coatings and paints can be removed selectively leaving the primer intact
  • Forgiving process minimizes risk of damage to materials being stripped