In Poland, nearly 480 ADM employees are working to provide an essential link between the harvest and the home by storing, crushing and refining oilseeds, as well as trading and storing grains.

ADM operates an oilseeds crush and refinery facility in Szamotuły as well as a rapeseed crushing, refining, solid-fat packaging and oil bottling facility in Czernin. Complementing those operations are elevators with drying and aspiration equipment in Sława Wielkopolska and Chróścina.

We also operate a fully-automated biodiesel facility in Malbork.

In 2010, ADM and Princes Ltd., a leading food and drink company, established a joint venture to expand the distribution of bottled edible oil in Poland. The partnership combines Princes’ sales and marketing expertise with ADM’s supply chain strengths to provide strong supply and category support for major European retail and wholesale customers.

In Gdynia, a port near Gdańsk on the Baltic Coast, ADM partners with Cefetra B.V. in an export/import terminal where grain and animal feeds are stored. Future plans for the terminal include the construction of a new grain warehouse for soybean meal.