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Animal Feed & Edible Oil Manufacturing

At Amylum Nisasta, we use wet milling to produce feed ingredients from corn. Corn co-products, the feed products made during this process, are an excellent feed source for livestock.

In the wet milling process, corn is soaked in a solution to soften the kernel in order to facilitate the separation of the various component parts. In the wet milling process, co-products include:

Corn gluten meal

  • Very palatable with high levels of bypass protein 
  • High levels of protein, energy, methionine, cystine 
  • High level of xanthophylls 
  • Rich in highly digestible amino acids

Corn gluten feed

  • Medium-protein and medium-energy 
  • Low in fat and starch, high in digestible fiber 
  • Contains 87 percent of feed value of dry corn in beef cattle diets 
  • Contains 70 percent of energy value of corn in swine diets

Another component of corn is corn germ, which is used to produce corn oil by edible oil manufacturers. 

Corn oil is

  • Dense source of energy 
  • High level of linoleic acid 
  • Reduces dustiness in some feeds

With these co-products, we provide customers with high-quality feed ingredients for poultry, ruminants, pigs and pets.